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Government files detail investigation of paranormal activity in Utah

By T.K. Randall
March 11, 2024 · Comment icon 122 comments

How long has AARO been investigating alleged hauntings ? Image Credit: Pixabay / KELLEPICS
It seems that the US government's UFO office has been involved in investigating more than just UFOs.
According to a news report this week, recently declassified documents from the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) detail an investigation of paranormal activity at a location in Utah.

The case, which was seemingly of sufficient interest to warrant AARO's attention, centered on a property that was owned by the head of a private sector organization.

The activity allegedly included sightings of shadow figures and unspecified "creatures" as well as experiences with what were described as "human consciousness anomalies".
The investigators even considered hiring psychics to help them figure out what was going on.

As tends to be typical with official government investigations into unexplained phenomena, the report concluded by noting that the investigators had failed to find anything concrete.

It did, however, suggest that AARO had investigated many other similar cases and that at least some of those were still classed as unexplained.

You can watch a news report detailing this story on YouTube - here.

Source: Fox 13 Now | Comments (122)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #113 Posted by joc 3 days ago
You are absolutely correct.  It's a matter of semantics.  Just so I am being clear:  the word Proof as I use it with regards to belief is Proof in science (or in a court..).  
Comment icon #114 Posted by joc 3 days ago
Because evidence is not what establishes a thing to be known as the truth.  Proof does that. Irrefutable Proof.    
Comment icon #115 Posted by preacherman76 2 days ago
Well the topic apparently was already debunked, by people who most likely never even read it. So we gotta talk about something I guess.  I’ve seen that as well. More often I see said story teller say they aren’t here to prove anything, which should be an exit sign for people here who are “looking for the truth”. Instead they then laugh at and ridicule the person.  If what you mean by rare is it happens in damn near every thread, I’d agree    right. Which is why the good folks who founded this site made rules of conduct. Of which are broken all the time.  what matter to cynics is... [More]
Comment icon #116 Posted by Saru 2 days ago
Thread cleaned Just a reminder for everyone to keep their contributions civil and constructive. Thank you.
Comment icon #117 Posted by the13bats 2 days ago
Let me drift back to this thread OT for a moment it would seem that this investigation was about the skinwalker ranch kind of a new modern version of the old UFO giant rock conventions, Personally I never thought much past SWR just being a cash grab, afterall they were asking tall money to visit and zero supporting evidence much less proof of claims, that's not saying people didn't believe the stories just like with giant rock people believed those tales of trips about saucers to Jupiter etc I wonder as time passes are people less credious? Remember in the 80s the explosion of psychics? TV ads... [More]
Comment icon #118 Posted by openozy 2 days ago
Well give it back, lol.
Comment icon #119 Posted by openozy 2 days ago
Because evidence is not what establishes a thing to be known as the truth.  Proof does that. Irrefutable Proof.  See, lol.
Comment icon #120 Posted by openozy 2 days ago
Condolences on the passing of  your Mom.  Did they ever find her?  Did they send search teams into the abyss? No decent answer to the questions then joc, you are slipping ?. And yeah, don't talk trash about my family ?.
Comment icon #121 Posted by joc 2 days ago
Oh, mi brought up your Mom perishing in the abyss...and you said it wasn't your state of, because I thought we were at that point discussing reality, I thought she fell into a big hole somewhere, how was I to know...all my apologies mi Capitano.
Comment icon #122 Posted by joc 2 days ago
 What I see is you projecting your own whingeing onto others.  I'm not complaining about your state of mind...I am attempting to educate you as to the breakdown, the synthesizing of the meaning of belief.  You are whingeing... like, Oh he's trying to educate me because he thinks I'm stupid...w h i n gggggeeeee...and then projecting your dislike of the truth onto others. The reality is that you are not stupid but you are ignorant somewhat about how and where the breakdown of belief lies. 

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