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Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Human ancestor facial reconstructions revealed

3-5-2021 | 5

Scientists have painstakingly recreated the faces of two of our earliest ancestors dating back millions of years.


Argentinian titanosaur may be oldest ever found

3-1-2021 | 2

Palaeontologists have unearthed what is thought to be the oldest member of one of the largest dinosaur species.


Geomagnetic reversal linked to mass extinction

2-21-2021 | 19

Scientists believe that a historic reversal of the Earth's magnetic field may have proven catastrophic.


World's oldest mammoth DNA recovered

2-18-2021 | 3

Scientists have extracted DNA from the teeth of mammoths that roamed the Earth 1.2 million years ago.


Scientists examine dinosaur's fossilized butt

1-25-2021 | 5

A new study has revealed, for the first time, the detailed characteristics and functionality of a dinosaur's rear end.


Is this the largest dinosaur that ever lived ?

1-21-2021 | 2

Paleontologists in Argentina are in the process of unearthing a gargantuan, record-breaking dinosaur.


Dire wolves were a distinct species, study finds

1-15-2021 | 1

These giant prehistoric beasts, made famous by Game of Thrones, were part of a mysterious ancient lineage.


Newborn megalodons were larger than a human

1-11-2021 | 1

The world's largest shark was over two meters long at birth thanks to its penchant for eating its siblings.


Why have crocodiles changed so little ?

1-7-2021 | 5

Despite being around for 200 million years, crocodiles are much the same today as they were in the past.


Prehistoric 'sea dragon' fossil unearthed

12-27-2020 | 3

Palaeontologists have identified a new prehistoric sea creature that lived in what is now the English Channel.


Terrestrial relative of pterosaurs discovered

12-15-2020 | 1

Palaeontologists have shed new light on the evolutionary history of these abundant prehistoric flying reptiles.


Mass extinctions follow 27-million-year cycle

12-14-2020 | 16

Scientists have determined that mass extinctions have occurred throughout history with striking regularity.


Neanderthals used their thumbs differently

11-29-2020 | 2

A new study has revealed that Neanderthals had thumbs that were much better suited for power gripping.


Skull of human ancestor found in South Africa

11-10-2020 | 3

Dating back 2 million years, the skull belonged to an early human cousin called Paranthropus robustus.


Dinosaurs crossed hundreds of miles of ocean

11-7-2020 | 1

A chance fossil discovery in Morocco has indicated that some dinosaurs swam vast distances across the sea.


Were modern humans and Neanderthals at war ?

11-3-2020 | 5

War and conflict may have been an intrinsic part of the lives of our ancestors for over 100,000 years.


Prehistoric sperm found trapped inside amber

9-16-2020 | 6

Scientists have identified 100 million-year-old sperm cells perfectly preserved within fossilized tree resin.


Can a human outrun a Tyrannosaurus rex ?

9-13-2020 | 27

New research has suggested that you might actually stand a chance of escaping a rampaging T. rex.


New species of prehistoric fossil ape unearthed

9-10-2020 | 8

Palaeontologists have discovered what is thought to be the earliest known ancestor of the modern-day gibbon.


True scale of the Megalodon shark revealed

 VIDEO  9-3-2020 | 8

This gargantuan prehistoric shark was so large that a human standing on its back would be the size of its fin.

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