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Science & Technology

Removing 'retired' cells could reverse ageing

3-26-2017 | 13

It may one day be possible for over-65s to visit a clinic every few years to receive a rejuvenation shot.

Science & Technology

Anti-ageing trial could see dogs live longer

12-4-2015 | 8

Scientists studying the ageing of dogs have come up with a possible new way to increase their lifespan.

Science & Technology

Scientists invent anti-ageing chocolate

2-20-2015 | 14

The novel new beauty treatment is being marketed as a way to eat chocolate that is actually good for you.

Science & Technology

'Vampire injections' can reverse ageing

5-5-2014 | 27

Injecting someone with blood from a younger person could help to stave off the ageing process.

Science & Technology

Billionaire claims aging process 'reversed'

2-28-2014 | 39

Fashion mogul Peter Nygard's investment in stem cell research has allegedly resulted in a cure for aging.

Science & Technology

Have scientists found a cure for ageing ?

12-22-2013 | 42

Researchers from Australia and the US believe they've identified a way to rewind the ageing process.

Science & Technology

Scientists reverse ageing in mice

1-14-2013 | 24

Harvard University researchers believe it may soon be possible to regenerate human organs.

Science & Technology

Suit simulates physical effects of ageing

 VIDEO  1-6-2012 | 15

Scientists at MIT have created a special suit that simulates the physical difficulties of old age.

Science & Technology

Kazakhstan to develop elixir of life

12-11-2010 | 18

Kazakhstan's president has urged scientists to concentrate their efforts on finding a cure for ageing.

Science & Technology

Anti-ageing drugs 'will fuel euthanasia'

5-12-2010 | 18

Concerns have been raised that drugs designed to stop ageing could ultimately end up fuelling euthanasia.

Science & Technology

Secret of ageing discovered

2-17-2010 | 18

An international team has solved one of the biggest mysteries in biology - how and why living cells age.

Science & Technology

Russia unveils stealth fighter jet

2-2-2010 | 29

Russia have unveiled a new stealth fighter jet, the Sukhoi T-50, in a bid to modernise the country's ageing military hardware.

Science & Technology

Scientists identify gene to live to 100

11-16-2009 | 20

Scientists studying a group of elderly people with an average age of 97 have discovered a gene that each had inherited a...

Space & Astronomy

Astronauts spacewalk to repair Hubble

5-17-2009 | 1

Astronauts paid a visit to the Hubble Space Telescope on Saturday and performed some of the toughest spacewalks yet, ins...

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