Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Archaeology & History

Neolithic women were stronger than athletes

11-30-2017 | 27

The arms of women who lived 7,000 years ago were stronger than those of today's elite Olympic rowers.

Science & Technology

Earthworms can reproduce in Martian soil

11-28-2017 | 28

The results of a recent experiment suggest that the soil on Mars is likely to be suitable for agriculture.

Archaeology & History

Switching to farming made our bones lighter

12-27-2014 | 3

Our species developed more fragile bones when our ancestors switched from hunting to agriculture.

Nature & Environment

World's oldest plant is 13,000 years old

12-1-2010 | 8

The Jurupa Oak is so old that it was alive during the last Ice Age and before human agriculture.

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