Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Ghosts & Hauntings

Paranormal encounters may prove beneficial for grieving pet owners

4-16-2024 | 6

New research has highlighted how perceived contact with a deceased pet can have therapeutic benefits.

Archaeology & History

Major controversy surrounds 27,000-year-old 'pyramid' Gunung Padang

3-29-2024 | 79

A recent paper concerning the controversial site in Indonesia has been fully retracted by publishers.

The UFO Phenomenon

Oil rig worker photographs two UFOs hovering off coast of Tampico, Mexico

3-22-2024 | 3

The worker photographed two objects - one disc-shaped and one triangular - that hovered in the sky for 10 minutes.

The UFO Phenomenon

Phoenix Lights mass UFO sighting continues to intrigue 27 years on

3-15-2024 | 7

On March 13th, 1997, sightings of a V-shaped formation of lights over Arizona would go on to make headline news.

The UFO Phenomenon

Researchers in Norway search frozen lake for signs of egg-shaped UFO

3-4-2024 | 10

Divers are searching the lakebed for an anomalous object that has shown up on sonar images.

The UFO Phenomenon

Eerie black ring-shaped formation filmed in the sky over Argentina

 VIDEO  3-1-2024 | 10

As it turns out, this peculiar aerial phenomenon actually has a conventional explanation.

The UFO Phenomenon

Ukrainian soldiers capture footage of disc-shaped UFO over war zone

 VIDEO  2-29-2024 | 62

The men, who had been operating a reconnaissance drone, spotted a wide, thin disc hovering in the distance.

Nature & Environment

Escaped monkey 'Kingussie Kong' captured after five-day chase

 VIDEO  2-1-2024 | 5

A Japanese macaque that escaped from a wildlife park in Scotland had been giving local authorities the runaround for days.


World's largest ever shark may have been a lot thinner, scientists argue

1-24-2024 | 13

Illustrations of megalodon based on great white shark proportions might not reflect its actual body shape.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers perplexed by huge ring of galaxies in deep space

1-13-2024 | 9

Scientists in the UK have discovered what appears to be a gargantuan ring-shaped structure far off in space.


Real-life 10ft prehistoric 'King Kong' disappeared 215,000 years ago

 VIDEO  1-11-2024 | 10

Known as Gigantopithecus blacki, this enormous primate was the largest of its kind ever to walk the Earth.

The UFO Phenomenon

Metallic egg-shaped UFO was kept at Area 51, claims whistleblower

12-13-2023 | 18

A defense aerospace contractor has recounted the experiences of his great uncle who once worked at the secretive facility.

Science & Technology

Pregnant women could help to solve the mysteries of pareidolia

10-1-2023 | 1

Pareidolia is the brain's tendency to perceive meaningful shapes in abstract patterns, such as seeing faces in the clouds.

Modern Mysteries

Fairy circles are cropping up everywhere and nobody knows why

9-29-2023 | 13

These mysterious circular-shaped patches of ground are starting to appear at sites all over the world.

World of the Bizarre

Man jailed for 22 years escapes prison on day of his release

9-22-2023 | 18

One inmate seemingly couldn't wait a few more hours to be released and decided to go on the run instead.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's Mars rover photographs rock shaped like an avocado

9-17-2023 | 4

The rather unusual object was captured on camera in Jezero Crater by the Perseverance rover earlier this month.

Science & Technology

Nanoparticles: are they the key to a better world or a path to disaster ?

9-9-2023 | 3

Scientist Kristin Omberg takes a look at nanoparticles and how they could shape our future... for better or worse.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Alleged 'Skunk Ape' captured on trail camera in Florida

 VIDEO  7-29-2023 | 27

A still image snapped by a remote trail camera appears to show an ape-like creature in the middle of the woods.

World of the Bizarre

Armed police in Germany in 3-day hunt for 'Beast of Berlin'

 VIDEO  7-21-2023 | 12

An escaped lion on the loose in Germany has prompted an extensive police search that has lasted for days.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Drone footage shows alleged 'Bigfoot' walking through snowy forest

 VIDEO  7-18-2023 | 21

A piece of footage that has been doing the rounds on TikTok shows a bipedal ape-like creature trudging through the snow.

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