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Graphics demo disproves Apollo hoax claim

9-20-2014 | 525

Graphics giant Nvidia has used its latest GPU to debunk several common Apollo hoax arguments.

Space & Astronomy

45th anniversary of the first moon landing

 VIDEO  7-20-2014 | 47

Today marks exactly 45 years since Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on another world.

Space & Astronomy

Aldrin implores world to step up Mars efforts

7-9-2014 | 30

Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin believes that more should be done to enable the colonization of Mars.

Space & Astronomy

NASA recreates famous 'Earthrise' photo

 VIDEO  12-26-2013 | 15

More than 45 years on, the iconic Apollo 8 photograph has been reconstructed in a new video.

The UFO Phenomenon

NASA astronauts recall UFO encounters

12-8-2013 | 202

Several astronauts have come forward over the years to talk about their experiences with UFOs.

Space & Astronomy

Moon probe hopes to solve Apollo 17 mystery

9-7-2013 | 3

NASA has successfuly launched its LADEE probe which aims to investigate the moon's atmosphere.

Space & Astronomy

Apollo 11 engines discovered on sea floor

7-23-2013 | 9

Engine parts found during underwater exploration have turned out to be from the first Moon landing.

The UFO Phenomenon

Edgar Mitchell calls for end to UFO cover-ups

7-18-2013 | 393

Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell is no stranger to the world of UFOs and government conspiracies.

Space & Astronomy

New bill to create national park on the Moon

7-11-2013 | 36

A new US bill is set to preserve the Apollo landing sites due to their historical significance.

Space & Astronomy

Buzz Aldrin calls for Mars base

6-22-2013 | 18

Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin believes we should be heading to Mars sooner rather than later.

Space & Astronomy

Lost Apollo 11 samples found in warehouse

5-27-2013 | 9

Samples of Moon dust gathered by Neil Armstrong have turned up after being lost for 40 years.

Space & Astronomy

Buzz Aldrin's Apollo notes go on sale

3-18-2013 | 4

Notes that Aldrin used during Apollo 11's descent on to the lunar surface in 1969 are to be sold off.

Space & Astronomy

Who will be first to return to the Moon ?

12-7-2012 | 3

Apollo astronaut Harrison Schmitt believes that private firms will soon take over from space agencies.

Space & Astronomy

Apollo Moon flags still standing

7-31-2012 | 31

New images from the Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter show the Apollo landing site flags still standing.

Space & Astronomy

What if Apollo 11 had been stranded ?

7-24-2012 | 64

What would have happened if the Apollo 11 crew had been unable to take off again from the lunar surface ?

Space & Astronomy

Apollo 11 stage one engines found

3-29-2012 | 20

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has discovered the five F-1 engines that launched Apollo 11 in to space.

Space & Astronomy

Protection sought for Apollo landing sites

1-16-2012 | 47

Historians are looking to the future with efforts to formally protect the Apollo landing sites.


Apollo 18 - could it have happened ?

9-7-2011 | 77

As Apollo 18 hits cinemas attention turns to the real lunar mission that was cancelled back in 1973.

Space & Astronomy

NASA releases new Apollo site photographs

9-7-2011 | 33

New images showing the Apollo landing sites taken from orbit have been released by NASA.

Space & Astronomy

NASA to release Apollo landing site images

9-3-2011 | 50

A teleconference is being held on Tuesday in which new Apollo landing site photographs will be revealed.

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