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World of the Bizarre

Police in Nebraska pull over man driving with bull in passenger seat

 VIDEO  9-1-2023 | 12

Officers couldn't believe their eyes when they spotted the vehicle cruising along with the huge bovine riding shotgun.

World of the Bizarre

Man miraculously survives attack after two bullets ricochet off his head

8-21-2023 | 7

A man in Mexico City recently survived being shot twice in the head thanks to a freak combination of circumstances.

Modern Mysteries

Nicola Bulley mystery endures as police find no trace of her in river

2-11-2023 | 102

The 45-year-old's mysterious disappearance remains a total enigma as it looks doubtful that she fell into the river.

Modern Mysteries

UK gripped by mysterious disappearance of 45-year-old woman

2-3-2023 | 102

Nicola Bulley vanished while walking her dog last Friday morning and police investigators have been unable to determine what happened.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds case of man who was hit by 'ghost gunshot'

2-18-2022 | 7

The man had been walking outside when he was hit by a bullet that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Science & Technology

New material could change warfare forever

12-26-2017 | 18

Researchers have used graphene to create a material that is ultra-lightweight but also bulletproof.

Science & Technology

'Metal foam' obliterates bullets on impact

 VIDEO  4-7-2016 | 14

A lightweight, porous metallic material could pave the way for extremely effective bulletproof armor.

Science & Technology

1,000mph car will be faster than a bullet

 VIDEO  10-9-2015 | 9

The UK's Bloodhound SSC rocket car will be attempting to break the world land speed record in style.

The UFO Phenomenon

Man was bullied over childhood UFO encounter

10-6-2015 | 25

Dave Davies was one of fourteen children who witnessed an object land outside their school in 1977.

Science & Technology

US military develops self-steering bullets

 VIDEO  4-30-2015 | 28

The ridiculously accurate projectiles are able to track and hit a moving target over long distances.

Nature & Environment

Bullet ant has world's most painful sting

3-15-2015 | 21

The South American insect measures 2.5cm long and delivers an agonizing bite that hurts for up to a day.

World of the Bizarre

Bus driver's life saved by pocket Bible

2-25-2014 | 16

Rickey Waggoner miraculously escaped death when his Bible stopped two bullets from penetrating his chest.

Archaeology & History

Ancient Mayan pyramid bulldozed in Belize

5-15-2013 | 49

A construction company seeking gravel to fill a road has destroyed a 2,300-year-old Mayan pyramid.

World of the Bizarre

Man shot by his own dog in bizarre accident

3-1-2013 | 20

35-year-old Gregory Lanier from Florida managed to get shot in the leg by his unsuspecting pet bulldog.

Nature & Environment

Officials puzzled by dolphin deaths

11-21-2012 |

Dolphins have been washing up along the northern Gulf Coast with bullet wounds and mutilations.

Science & Technology

Paper-thin material stops bullets

11-18-2012 | 41

Scientists have developed a new nanomaterial that appears to be highly effective at stopping bullets.

Science & Technology

US Army requests 'magic bullets'

4-29-2012 | 27

Companies are being tasked with developing a bullet that can float around waiting for its target.


Boy claims God saved him from stray bullet

4-21-2012 | 71

A 9-year-old has attributed divine intervention to his near miss with a bullet fired through his window.

World of the Bizarre

Bullet fired in Mexico hits El Paso woman

2-23-2012 | 10

A bullet fired during a shoot-out in Mexico ended up hitting a woman in El Paso over half a mile away.


New trial for RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan

11-30-2011 | 32

Bullet switching and alleged hypnosis are part of new evidence in re-opened Sirhan trial.

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