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Archaeology & History

Mystery burials in Italy may be explained by fear of 'revenants'

2-8-2023 | 2

Archaeologists have shed possible new light on the nature of some enigmatic burials found in the ruins of a Roman villa.

Archaeology & History

New evidence points to presence of hidden chamber in King Tut's tomb

9-26-2022 | 3

Nicholas Reeves still believes that the entrance to Nefertiti's tomb lies somewhere within King Tut's burial chamber.

Modern Mysteries

Female vampire found with sickle across her neck to stop her rising from the dead

9-5-2022 | 8

The 17th-Century burial was recently unearthed by archaeologists at a cemetery in Poland.

Archaeology & History

'Mermaid bed' found at site of 2,100-year-old burial in Greece

6-4-2022 | 2

Archaeologists have unearthed the skeleton of a woman who was buried on a bed adorned with images of mermaids.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery of girl buried with bird in her mouth

6-14-2021 | 4

A young girl buried in a European cave centuries ago was discovered with the head of a finch in her mouth.


Oldest human burial in Africa found in Kenya

5-7-2021 | 5

Archaeologists have unearthed a child who was buried at Panga ya Saidi cave almost 80,000 years ago.

Archaeology & History

'Book of the Dead' scroll found in Saqqara

1-20-2021 | 0

Archaeologists excavating a burial shaft have unearthed a 13ft scroll inscribed with a chapter from the book.

Archaeology & History

Plague victim burials hint at 'zombie' fears

9-7-2020 | 2

New research suggests that some victims of the plague were buried face down to stop them rising from the dead.

Archaeology & History

1,000-year-old Viking boat discovered on island

5-31-2020 | 2

Officials have announced that the vessel was found at a burial site on the Norwegian island of Edoya.

Modern Mysteries

The truth about Charles Dickens' death revealed

2-5-2020 | 2

There has been much uncertainty about the circumstances surrounding the celebrated author's burial.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery as skeletons found with hands tied

2-3-2020 | 9

Archaeologists have confirmed the discovery of over 40 skeletons in shallow graves at a building site in England.

Archaeology & History

Mummies of Egyptian high priests unearthed

2-1-2020 | 4

A huge burial ground filled with mummies and shabti figurines has been discovered at a site south of Cairo.

Archaeology & History

Six-headed burial perplexes archaeologists

9-5-2019 | 10

Two warrior skeletons unearthed in Scotland had been buried together in a coffin alongside four other skulls.

Archaeology & History

UK's 'Tutankhamun' found behind supermarket

 VIDEO  5-9-2019 | 3

Archaeologists have revealed the identify of the prince found within one of the UK's most intriguing burials.

Archaeology & History

Young 'vampire' found buried in Italian cemetery

10-13-2018 | 3

The skeletal remains of a child with a stone in its mouth point to an ancient form of ritualistic vampire burial.


Mystery ape discovered inside Chinese tomb

6-22-2018 | 7

The remains of an extinct species of ape have been found inside a 2,300-year-old burial chamber.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Bolsover Castle is voted 'England's spookiest'

10-17-2017 | 4

Built on an ancient burial ground, Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire has a reputation for being haunted.

Archaeology & History

Burial chamber of Egyptian princess found

5-14-2017 | 15

Archaeologists have made a fascinating discovery inside a 3,800-year-old pyramid in Dahshur, Egypt.


Jesus' burial slab uncovered in Jerusalem

 VIDEO  10-28-2016 | 33

The marble that encased the stone slab has been removed for the first time in almost five centuries.

Archaeology & History

Burial site found in mysterious Plain of Jars

3-27-2016 | 5

An ancient burial ground containing human remains has been unearthed at a site in Southeast Asia.

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