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World of the Bizarre

Woman from Cornwall finds 'face of Jesus' in her pizza box

1-18-2023 | 47

The mother-of-two maintained that the leftover grease stain on the box looked a lot like a sign of divine intervention.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghost hunters photograph eerie figure in derelict church

7-24-2022 | 21

Paranormal investigators have captured an image of a mysterious figure in an abandoned church in Cornwall.

The UFO Phenomenon

Residents puzzled by 40 'UFOs' over Cornwall

 VIDEO  11-29-2019 | 1

People in and around Truro, England couldn't believe their eyes when they looked skyward this morning.

Nature & Environment

UK divers encounter gigantic, rare jellyfish

 VIDEO  7-17-2019 | 6

Two divers exploring the waters off the coast of Cornwall, England came across something rather spectacular.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Beast of Dartmoor' attacks dog in Cornwall

4-6-2019 | 35

Police in England have discovered the paw prints of a large exotic cat believed to be on the loose in the area.

Modern Mysteries

Anchor could be from 'El Dorado of the seas'

3-4-2019 | 0

A mystery anchor found off the coast of Cornwall could be from a long-lost shipwreck filled with gold and silver.

The UFO Phenomenon

Eden Project UFO revealed as publicity stunt

7-25-2017 | 16

Videos and pictures of an alleged UFO over Cornwall have turned out to be part of a promotional exercise.

Nature & Environment

Thousands of fish wash up on Cornwall beach

12-19-2016 | 12

Vast quantities of mackerel and pilchard have washed up along the shore for the second time this month.

Archaeology & History

Palace discovered at King Arthur's birthplace

8-4-2016 | 8

The remains of an impressive sixth-century palace have been unearthed at Tintagel in Cornwall, England.

World of the Bizarre

300ft mineshaft opens up in Cornwall garden

 VIDEO  3-19-2016 | 15

The deadly drop opened up in the back garden of an unoccupied bungalow while it was being surveyed.

World of the Bizarre

Mystery pink bottles wash up along UK coast

1-5-2016 | 24

A beach in Cornwall has been deluged by thousands of bright neon pink bottles over the last few days.

World of the Bizarre

Missing beach suddenly reappears overnight

1-23-2015 | 18

The entire volume of sand at Porthleven in Cornwall had mysteriously disappeared due to a freak tide.

Modern Mysteries

'Possessed' cars in Cornish Bermuda Triangle

6-7-2014 | 43

Residents of a small village in England have been experiencing a spate of unexplained phenomena.

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