Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Science & Technology

Could deepfakes lead to an epidemic of digital crime ?

 VIDEO  6-25-2022 | 6

What if it became almost impossible to tell whether someone's voice or image was actually the real deal ?


Sheep is sentenced to jail for killing a woman in Sudan

5-25-2022 | 17

It's not just human offenders who face a prison sentence for committing a crime in some parts of the world.


Fraudsters take corpse into a post office to claim dead man's pension

1-23-2022 | 8

One of the strangest fraud attempts of recent years took place at a post office in Ireland this week.


An entire road has been stolen in Germany

1-16-2022 | 6

A bizarre crime involving the theft of an entire street in Saxony, Germany has left authorities scratching their heads.

Science & Technology

Could AI be the future of crime solving ?

8-25-2021 | 4

Artificial intelligence can now help experts analyze footprints - and it has the potential to go much further.

Modern Mysteries

Crime historian digs for DB Cooper evidence

8-9-2021 | 20

A new effort is underway to uncover evidence that could help solve the infamous 50-year-old hijacking case.


Mystery 'large predator' kills sheep in England

1-9-2021 | 10

A rural crime team has been investigating a spate of unexplained sheep deaths at a farm in Cheshire.

Space & Astronomy

NASA is investigating 'first crime in space'

8-24-2019 | 18

The case is believed to be the first time that someone has been accused of committing a crime aboard the ISS.


Giant half-ton bird lived alongside early man

6-27-2019 | 22

A thigh bone found in a Crimean cave belonged to a huge species of bird that was as heavy as a polar bear.


Conspiracy theorists 'commit more crimes'

3-1-2019 | 16

A new study has linked a belief in conspiracy theories with an increased likelihood of committing minor crimes.

Modern Mysteries

Why did Agatha Christie disappear in 1926 ?

5-8-2017 | 9

One of legendary crime novelist Agatha Christie's most enduring mysteries may have finally been solved.

Science & Technology

Researchers develop real-life RoboCop

 VIDEO  2-19-2015 | 13

A sophisticated remote operated crime-busting robot could soon be found patrolling the streets.

Science & Technology

New police software can predict future crimes

12-8-2014 | 17

Authorities in Berlin are considering a system that can predict crimes like in the movie Minority Report.

Science & Technology

Solving crime through corneal reflections

1-12-2014 | 10

Forensic experts may be able to capture an image of a suspect through the eyes of bystanders.

Space & Astronomy

Company develops real-life RoboCop

 VIDEO  12-7-2013 | 18

Knightscope has invented a futuristic autonomous robot that is able to predict and prevent crime.


Dutch police use rats in crime investigations

9-18-2013 | 10

Specially trained rodents are proving to be a cheap and effective alternative to traditional lab work.

Science & Technology

Glowing tags to reveal hidden fingerprints

7-4-2013 | 2

Scientists have developed a new way to retrieve a greater number of fingerprints from crime scenes.


'Batman' arrested for obstructing police

10-4-2012 | 27

A man dressed as Batman was arrested after refusing to leave a crime scene during an investigation.


Crime reducing cardboard policeman is stolen

9-29-2012 | 22

A cardboard policemen designed to stop people stealing from a supermarket has itself been stolen.

Science & Technology

Is a life of crime all in the genes ?

2-1-2012 | 20

Could lifelong criminals be genetically programmed to break the law regardless of their background ?

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