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Australia's oldest man credits very unusual diet

5-20-2021 | 5

Australia's oldest ever man has explained how a particularly unusual diet has contributed to his longevity.


Teen who only ate crisps and chips goes blind

9-3-2019 | 26

Experts have warned about the dangers of fussy eating after one teen's diet caused him to lose his eyesight.

Natural World

'Eat more kangaroo meat', say ecologists

9-12-2017 | 59

An overabundance of the iconic marsupial has led wildlife experts to recommend a change in diet.

Science & Technology

Are insects and fake meat the future of food?

5-5-2017 | 53

Scientists have indicated that we may need to make some major dietary changes over the coming years.


Real-life King Kong died out due to its diet

1-6-2016 | 11

A prehistoric species of giant ape went extinct because it couldn't adapt to its changing environment.


Woman is addicted to eating kitchen sponges

10-18-2015 | 45

A 23-year-old from North Tyneside is addicted to eating sponges dipped in apple washing-up liquid.

Space & Astronomy

ESA head proposes village on the moon

7-15-2015 | 29

Director General Johann-Dietrich Woerner has outlined his plans for the future of space exploration.


92-year-old woman eats 1kg of sand every day

5-15-2015 | 25

Sudama Devi has maintained her peculiar diet for over eight decades yet remains in perfect health.

Science & Technology

Scientists invent 'feel full' chemical

12-14-2014 | 11

The new additive could help people lose weight by making them feel fuller more quickly at meal times.

Science & Technology

Can the brain be trained to eat healthily ?

9-3-2014 | 16

A new US study has suggested that the brain can be retrained to prefer healthy food over junk food.


Menace of seagulls drunk on flying ants

7-30-2014 | 12

Hostile seagulls fuelled by an intoxicating diet of flying ants have been causing a nuisance in the UK.


Giant prehistoric mammals feasted on flowers

2-10-2014 | 5

High-protein wildflowers may have played an integral part in the diets of large herbivorous mammals.

Ancient Mysteries

Pompeii elite ate giraffe and sea urchins

1-5-2014 | 15

A new study has revealed some of the more unusual diets of those who lived in the doomed Roman city.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Supporting a losing team can be bad for you

8-24-2013 | 23

Supporting a sports team that doesn't do very well could actually be harmful to your own health.


Ancient birds sported strong teeth

1-11-2013 | 1

An early bird species called Sulcavis geeorum had a set of teeth evolved to support a special diet.

Science & Technology

Will global warming change our diets ?

11-4-2012 | 19

There could soon be shortages of staple foods like potatoes due to the effects of climate change.


Last meal found within fossil dinosaur

9-1-2012 | 8

Clues to the diet of some dinosaurs can be found by analysing fossils for their stomach contents.

Science & Technology

Mother survives on diet of just rice

5-11-2011 | 15

Micaela Stafford suffers from food intolerance so bad that she is forced to eat nothing but boiled rice.


Stone Age man 'ate bread, not just meat'

10-20-2010 | 11

Prehistoric man may have fed on a balanced diet consisting of both meat and bread.

Ancient Mysteries

Egyptian priests lived on junk food diet

2-26-2010 | 7

Examinations of Egyptian priest mummies have revealed that many died from a diet of artery-clogging fatty foods.

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