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Modern Mysteries

Veteran Bermuda Triangle diver offers his thoughts on the enigma

 VIDEO  11-14-2023 | 6

Michael C. Barnette is a diver and marine biologist who has spent years diving in the infamous region of the Atlantic.

Modern Mysteries

Nazi shipwreck could contain Amber Room

10-2-2020 | 6

A Polish diving team has discovered the final resting place of the missing WWII-era steamer 'Karlsruhe'.

World of the Bizarre

Woman survives fall after both parachutes fail

8-17-2019 | 7

A skydiver recently managed to cheat death after her parachutes failed to open during a skydive in Canada.

World of the Bizarre

102-year-old becomes world's oldest skydiver

 VIDEO  12-19-2018 | 3

Great-grandmother Irene O'Shea made history earlier this month when she jumped out of an airplane.

Nature & Environment

Mutation helps Bajau people stay underwater

 VIDEO  4-19-2018 | 7

In a rare case of natural selection in modern humans, the free-diving Bajau people have developed a larger spleen.

World of the Bizarre

German man avoids traffic by swimming to work

 VIDEO  8-12-2017 | 19

Benjamin David, who lives in Munich, shuns public transport in favor of diving in to his local river.

World of the Bizarre

Free diver hits bottom of world's deepest pool

 VIDEO  7-21-2017 | 7

A new video shows veteran free diver Guillaume Nery descending 131ft underwater on only one lungful of air.

World of the Bizarre

Skydiver survives jumping without a parachute

 VIDEO  7-31-2016 | 58

Daredevil Luke Aikins has made history by jumping from 25,000ft in to a net without wearing a parachute.

World of the Bizarre

Skydiver to jump without any parachute at all

7-29-2016 | 58

Skydiver Luke Aikins will be attempting to jump from 25,000ft and land in a safety net on live TV.

Science & Technology

Robotic 'mermaid' retrieves deep sea treasure

 VIDEO  4-29-2016 | 7

Scientists have been using a diving robot to recover valuables from a famous 17th century shipwreck.

Archaeology & History

Diving exosuit aids hunt for ancient computer

6-6-2014 | 15

An advanced new diving suit will be worn by divers looking for more pieces of the Antikythera mechanism.

World of the Bizarre

Skydiver narrowly avoids meteorite collision

 VIDEO  4-4-2014 | 16

Anders Helstrup had been parachuting over Norway when he was almost hit by a falling space rock.

Science & Technology

Iron Man-like suit to enable deep sea diving

 VIDEO  3-5-2014 | 14

Scientists have developed a powered exosuit to help divers explore the ocean's darkest depths.

World of the Bizarre

Girl, 16, survives fall of over 3,000ft

1-31-2014 | 36

Makenzie Wethington had been on a skydiving trip as a treat for her birthday when disaster struck.

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