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Metaphysics & Psychology

Inception in real life: can we communicate through dreams?

2-4-2024 | 7

Scientists are finding new ways to interact with someone who is sleeping via lucid dreaming.

Science & Technology

Scientists are building a device that can induce lucid dreams on demand

11-12-2023 | 7

A new technology startup hopes to offer a wearable consumer device that can enable anyone to have lucid dreams.

Metaphysics & Psychology

The Sandman: dreams and nightmares

8-13-2022 | 3

Representations of dreams and nightmares in cultures across the world have changed a lot over the centuries.

Nature & Environment

New evidence suggests that even spiders have dreams

 VIDEO  8-9-2022 | 5

A behavioral ecologist has made a fascinating discovery that could challenge what we know of arachnids.

Science & Technology

Reliable way to induce lucid dreams discovered

9-27-2021 | 16

Researchers have found that a common Alzheimer's drug can help to induce lucid dreaming more reliably.

Science & Technology

What is the science behind recurring dreams ?

8-30-2021 | 5

Just about everyone will have dreamt about being chased, being late for work or falling off a cliff edge.

Science & Technology

Study achieves communication through dreams

2-20-2021 | 15

Scientists have found that it is possible to achieve real-time communication with a person who is dreaming.

Science & Technology

MIT develops a dream manipulation machine

8-1-2020 | 7

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have built a device that can influence your dreams.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Can your dreams predict a person's death ?

12-5-2019 | 11

A 25-year study has looked into the correlation between precognitive death dreams and a person actually dying.

Nature & Environment

Sleeping octopus changes color as it 'dreams'

 VIDEO  3-12-2019 | 23

Intriguing footage of a sleeping octopus has suggested that cephalopods may have some concept of dreaming.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Who or what do you see before you die ?

3-3-2019 | 12

A new study has been looking in to the remarkable dream experiences of patients who are at death's door.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Can remote viewing predict stock prices ?

5-27-2015 | 14

A new experiment is set to test the effectiveness of remote viewing and precognitive dreaming.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Scientists learn how to induce lucid dreaming

5-14-2014 | 35

Influencing the brain through electric scalp stimulation can allow a person to control their own dreams.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Can dreams solve other people's problems ?

4-19-2014 | 14

A new study has suggested that it may be possible to learn about someone else's problems while asleep.

Science & Technology

Scientists create lucid dreaming mask

5-23-2012 | 25

Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan have built a device that they claim can let you control your dreams.

Metaphysics & Psychology

iPhone app can manipulate your dreams

4-10-2012 | 49

Professor Richard Wiseman is conducting a nationwide dream experiment using a special iPhone app.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Can we read people's dreams ?

10-29-2011 | 21

Scientists have been able to scan images from the brain of people who are lucid dreaming.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Video gamers can control dreams

5-27-2010 | 32

A new study has suggested that playing video games before bed can increase dream awareness and control.

Science & Technology

Dreams may have physiological role

11-16-2009 | 3

It has long been assumed that the process of dreaming has significant psychological functions but a Harvard psychiatrist...

Metaphysics & Psychology

Most people believe dreams are meaningful

2-19-2009 | 4

Psychologists have conducted a survey of over 1000 people which shows that many people believe their dreams to hold hidd...

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