Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Dozens of escaped ostriches run amok in China

 VIDEO  1-12-2022 | 4

The streets of Chongzuo City were filled with large flightless birds at the weekend after 80 ostriches escaped from a local farm.


Cow escapes, goes to water park and rides down slide

 VIDEO  11-16-2021 | 5

A cow in Brazil was recently filmed staging a daring escape attempt at a nearby water park.


Giant moon escapes, rolls down street in Henan

 VIDEO  10-9-2021 | 3

Organizers of a festival in China's Henan province were recently forced to chase after a giant runaway moon.


Russian man 'trapped' on Chinese TV show

 VIDEO  4-28-2021 | 2

For Vladislav Ivanov, reality TV turned out to be a nightmare he couldn't escape from for 3 months.

Space & Astronomy

Did a 9th planet 'escape' billions of years ago ?

11-29-2020 | 5

Scientists have found evidence to suggest that another world once existed between Uranus and Saturn.


Woman digs 35ft tunnel to rescue son from jail

8-8-2020 | 6

A mother in Ukraine attempted to break her son out of jail by single-handedly digging an escape tunnel.

Natural World

Ingested beetle escapes out of frog's posterior

 VIDEO  8-6-2020 | 3

A bizarre experiment has demonstrated how one aquatic beetle can survive being swallowed up by a frog.


Black panther prowls rooftops in France

 VIDEO  9-19-2019 | 12

Authorities were alerted yesterday after residents spotted the escaped animal on a second-floor window ledge.


Video shows bikers' terrifying tiger escape

 VIDEO  7-1-2019 | 11

Harrowing footage shows the moment a tiger comes bolting out of the jungle after a speeding motorcycle.

Modern Mysteries

Beluga whale found wearing Russian harness

 VIDEO  4-29-2019 | 9

The whale, which was spotted off the coast of Norway, is thought to have escaped from a Russian military facility.


Man's life saved as mobile phone blocks arrow

3-14-2019 | 11

A 43-year-old man in Australia narrowly escaped death this week after his phone was hit by an incoming arrow.

Natural World

Chimpanzees create ladder, escape from zoo

 VIDEO  2-10-2019 | 24

A group of resourceful chimpanzees recently escaped from their enclosure in Belfast zoo after a storm.

Modern Mysteries

FBI recreates Alcatraz escapees' decoy heads

 VIDEO  11-16-2018 | 6

The FBI has used 3D-printing to recreate the decoy heads used by three men to escape Alcatraz prison.

Space & Astronomy

Soyuz astronauts make emergency landing

10-11-2018 | 53

Two astronauts narrowly escaped disaster today when their Soyuz rocket developed a problem with its booster.


Cows help police catch car thief in Florida

 VIDEO  8-9-2018 | 13

A woman fleeing through fields to escape the police was caught after being chased by a herd of cattle.


Giant yellow inflatable duck goes missing

3-18-2018 | 8

A swimming club in Australia has appealed for ships to keep a look out for its recently escaped mascot.

Modern Mysteries

Alcatraz escapee sends a letter to the police

1-24-2018 | 14

The mystery of what happened to the three men who escaped Alcatraz in 1962 may have finally been solved.


Man swims 4.5 miles to escape deadly shark

10-23-2017 | 12

Diver John Craig had been spear fishing off the coast of Western Australia when the incident occurred.


Police shoot escaped circus tiger in Atlanta

 VIDEO  9-8-2017 | 25

The female Bengal tiger had inexplicably managed to escape a transport truck and was prowling the streets.

Modern Mysteries

Alcatraz escape remains a mystery 55 years on

6-11-2017 | 10

Today marks the 55th anniversary of the escape of three men from the 'inescapable' Alcatraz prison.

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