Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Cow escapes, goes to water park and rides down slide

November 16, 2021 | Comment icon 5 comments

Nothing was going to stop this cow... Image Credit: YouTube / Diario da Regiao - Sao Jose do Rio Preto
A cow in Brazil was recently filmed staging a daring escape attempt at a nearby water park.
Seemingly aware of its imminent demise at a slaughterhouse in Nova Granada earlier this month, the adventurous bovine managed to flee the premises, sparking a rather peculiar chase.

The incident ended up going viral when the cow broke into the Indaia Club de Campo water park, headed for one of the pools and then decided to make a break for freedom down a water slide.

Footage shows the intrepid bovine having some difficulty keeping its balance as it descended the slide. The owners had turned off the water to make it less slippery for the animal.

Fortunately there weren't many people around, so the cow wasn't too spooked.
A member of staff was ultimately able to get a rope around the cow and lead it to safety.

The story even has a happy ending, because the staff at the cattle ranch from which the cow had escaped decided to spare its life and it now lives out its days as a visitor attraction.

"I looked to see if he had any injuries, but he's fine. He'll stay here because of the people," said owner Carlos Miguel Serante. "The people want to know where he is."

"He's been the attraction. Everyone wants to know. We want to take him to the club."

Source: Lad Bible | Comments (5)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by HandsomeGorilla 6 months ago
good stuff the equivalent of a human winning the lottery, buying a Lamborghini and then crashes into the guard rail at 180mph EDIT...ok not quite that. not even close. but still kinda funny
Comment icon #2 Posted by thedutchiedutch 6 months ago
Beautiful. You go cow....gotta enjoy while you can
Comment icon #3 Posted by The Silver Shroud 6 months ago
I remember the Tamworth Two, Butch and Sundance, the two pigs that made a break for freedom while on their way to the slaughter house.They became internationaly famous, got a mention in parliament, and there was talk of a statue being erected to commemerate them. They both survived to live out their livesin a rare breeds sanctuary: Tamworth Two - Wikipedia
Comment icon #4 Posted by Jon the frog 6 months ago
That slide is sturdy !
Comment icon #5 Posted by Nnicolette 6 months ago
I bet that happens a lot. At a fair i saw a couple pigs work together to open both sides of a complex gate latch and get out, the teamwork and understanding of the mechanisms was impressive.

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