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Space & Astronomy

Arrakhis mission set to unravel the secrets of dark matter

12-22-2022 | 0

The European Space Agency is working on a new mission to track down dark matter and find out what it is made of.


Modern humans may have lived in Europe 10,000 years earlier than thought

2-16-2022 | 8

Researchers have found compelling evidence of our ancestors in Europe.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery of girl buried with bird in her mouth

6-14-2021 | 4

A young girl buried in a European cave centuries ago was discovered with the head of a finch in her mouth.

Space & Astronomy

NASA pretends to hit Earth with a large asteroid

 VIDEO  5-2-2021 | 10

A planetary defense exercise at the weekend ended up 'destroying' an area of Europe around 100km wide.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery seeds start turning up worldwide

 VIDEO  8-2-2020 | 80

Packets of unidentified seeds have been turning up, not just in the US, but also in Europe, Canada and the UK.

Science & Technology

Mystery radioactive leak traced back to Russia

7-31-2019 | 2

It has been confirmed that the radiation detected over Europe in 2017 came from a Russian nuclear plant.

Nature & Environment

'Wolf dogs' could wipe out Europe's wolves

5-29-2019 | 11

Scientists in the UK have warned of the threat posed by packs of wolf-dog hybrids in the wilds across Europe.

Archaeology & History

Did European megaliths inspire Stonehenge ?

2-12-2019 | 10

A new study has suggested that European neolithic stone monuments may have first arisen in France.


Odds of finding life on Mars by 2021 are '50/50'

10-27-2018 | 22

Scientists developing Europe's new ExoMars rover are optimistic about its chances of finding life on Mars.

Space & Astronomy

Europe's MASCOT rover dies after just one day

10-7-2018 | 9

The latest robotic lander to touch down on the asteroid Ryugu had only enough power to last around 17 hours.

Space & Astronomy

ESA wants you to name its new Mars rover

7-21-2018 | 30

The European Space Agency is offering a prize to the person who manages to come up with the winning name.

Space & Astronomy

First ever image of a newborn planet revealed

7-2-2018 | 5

Astronomers at the European Southern Observatory have photographed a planet forming around a star.


Mars probe to begin hunt for signs of alien life

4-11-2018 | 14

The European Space Agency's Trace Gas Orbiter will be starting its mission within the next two weeks.

World of the Bizarre

Strange orange snow falls over eastern Europe

3-26-2018 | 5

Ski resorts in several countries were left looking like the surface of Mars after a recent fall of orange-tinged snow.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Mystic Baba Vanga's 2018 predictions revealed

12-24-2017 | 42

The blind Eastern European psychic, who died in 1996, made numerous predictions about major world events.

Science & Technology

Did radiation over Europe come from Russia ?

11-10-2017 | 39

The unexplained cloud of Ruthenium-106 particles was detected over Europe in September and October.

Space & Astronomy

China's space station could hit a major city

11-9-2017 | 34

The European Space Agency has warned that there is a chance that the station could hit a populated area.

Space & Astronomy

Europe withdraws from anti-asteroid mission

9-21-2017 | 4

An upcoming mission designed to test out the deflection of a large asteroid has hit a bit of a snag.

Science & Technology

World's most powerful X-ray laser unveiled

 VIDEO  9-1-2017 | 3

The European X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) is able to recreate the conditions found inside the Sun.


Europe, not Africa, was birthplace of mankind

5-23-2017 | 24

A remarkable new palaeontological discovery in Europe could rewrite the history of human evolution.

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