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Europe, not Africa, was birthplace of mankind

5-23-2017 | 24

A remarkable new palaeontological discovery in Europe could rewrite the history of human evolution.

Space & Astronomy

China and Europe plan to build 'Moon Village'

4-27-2017 | 7

ESA has confirmed rumors that the two space agencies are planning an ambitious lunar collaboration.

Science & Technology

Original 'Brexit' occurred 125,000 years ago

4-4-2017 | 0

Geologists have revealed the cataclysmic flooding that once separated the UK from the rest of Europe.

Science & Technology

Ten injured as Mount Etna erupts a third time

 VIDEO  3-16-2017 | 5

Europe's largest active volcano has erupted in spectacular fashion for the third time in under 3 weeks.

Science & Technology

Mystery surrounds Europe radiation spike

2-21-2017 | 26

An unexplained spike in radiation was picked up across a number of European countries last month.

Science & Technology

Smog is more toxic in Europe than in China

2-10-2017 | 11

Air pollution in Europe and North America may be 27 times more toxic than the smog over Chinese cities.

Science & Technology

1920s plan sought to drain the Mediterranean

9-18-2016 | 9

A prominent German architect once proposed joining Africa and Europe by draining the Mediterranean Sea.

Space & Astronomy

ESA reveals most detailed Milky Way map ever

9-15-2016 | 20

The European Space Agency has unveiled a map of our galaxy charting the positions of 1.1 billion stars.

Nature & Environment

Europe's oldest tree is over 1,000 years old

8-22-2016 | 14

A Bosnian pine tree located in Greece has been identified as the oldest living tree on the continent.

Archaeology & History

Tombs in Portugal used as ancient telescopes

7-3-2016 | 5

Special structures enabled early Europeans to view the stars long before the invention of the telescope.

Modern Mysteries

'Dancing mania' mystery endures 600 years on

6-27-2016 | 14

A peculiar affliction once left hundreds of people dancing uncontrollably in the streets of Europe.

Science & Technology

Half of European men descended from one king

4-26-2016 | 31

A new study has revealed that half of all European men are descended from a single Bronze Age monarch.

Space & Astronomy

New space probe set to seek out life on Mars

3-7-2016 | 5

Europe and Russia are launching a joint mission next week to land a spacecraft on the surface of Mars.

Space & Astronomy

ESA is planning to build a Moon base by 2030

 VIDEO  1-4-2016 | 13

The European Space Agency believes humans will be living on the lunar surface within the next 14 years.

Nature & Environment

5,000-year-old tree undergoes a sex change

 VIDEO  11-6-2015 | 15

Something unusual seems to be happening to the famed Fortingall Yew - one of the oldest trees in Europe.

Archaeology & History

Volcanoes hastened fall of the Roman Empire

7-9-2015 | 11

A series of volcanic eruptions in North America once triggered widespread disaster across Europe.

World of the Bizarre

Man founds his own new European country

4-18-2015 | 25

Vit Jedlicka has declared the creation of Liberland, a new independent state between Serbia and Croatia.

Space & Astronomy

Millions view eclipse over UK and Europe

 VIDEO  3-20-2015 | 21

A solar eclipse provided a breathtaking spectacle this morning despite predominantly cloudy weather.

Modern Mysteries

Were gerbils responsible for the plague ?

2-24-2015 | 23

Scientists believe that rats may not have been responsible for the Black Death in Europe after all.

Modern Mysteries

Solving the mystery of the Tjipetir blocks

12-1-2014 | 7

Strange rectangular rubber-like blocks have been washing up on European shores for almost 100 years.

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