Friday, December 2, 2022
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Giant bird had a head the size of a horse's

2-13-2016 | 5

A huge flightless bird called Gastornis is thought to have once roamed what is now the Arctic Circle.

World of the Bizarre

Flatulent sheep force emergency landing

 VIDEO  11-5-2015 | 21

A Singapore Airlines flight was forced to make an unscheduled stop due to a rather unexpected issue.

World of the Bizarre

Man encounters doppelganger on plane flight

10-31-2015 | 27

An airline passenger got the surprise of his life when he met someone who looked exactly like him.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO filmed narrowly missing Ryanair flight

 VIDEO  9-8-2015 | 34

Footage recorded by an airline passenger shows a dark-colored object skirting the wings of the plane.

The UFO Phenomenon

Obama's former pilot recalls UFO encounter

4-10-2015 | 62

Veteran pilot Andrew Danziger experienced something unexplained during a flight from Kansas City in 1989.

Science & Technology

Solar plane begins record-breaking flight

3-9-2015 | 7

Two pilots are attempting to fly around the world in a solar powered airplane called Solar Impulse 2.

World of the Bizarre

Mix-up sees flight with only one passenger

1-16-2015 | 25

Chris O’Leary boarded a scheduled flight to New York only to find that there were no other passengers.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Psychic prompts airline flight number change

12-8-2014 | 13

An airline in Brazil changed one of its flight numbers after a psychic warned that the plane would crash.

Space & Astronomy

Orion spacecraft test flight is a success

 VIDEO  12-5-2014 | 75

NASA's successor to the space shuttles landed safely earlier today after embarking on its maiden voyage.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's Orion spacecraft to launch next month

 VIDEO  11-5-2014 | 75

NASA's successor to the space shuttles will be undertaking its first test flight in December.

Space & Astronomy

Pilot dies in Virgin Galactic plane explosion

10-31-2014 | 66

The company's SpaceShipTwo vehicle exploded over the Mojave desert following an 'in-flight anomaly'.

Space & Astronomy

New HD footage released of NASA saucer test

 VIDEO  8-10-2014 | 9

The space agency has released new video footage from its LDSD test flight back at the end of June.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's 'flying saucer' tested successfully

6-29-2014 | 10

An experimental saucer-shaped vehicle designed to be used on Mars has undergone a successful test flight.

The UFO Phenomenon

Rogue Google balloon caused UFO scare

6-1-2014 | 11

A prototype balloon malfunctioned during a test flight and generated a wave of UFO sighting reports.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO photographed from plane over London

 VIDEO  5-29-2014 | 158

A passenger on a commercial flight over the English capital this week caught something unusual on camera.

Nature & Environment

Fish leaps from lake to catch bird in flight

1-11-2014 | 12

Remarkable footage has captured the moment a fish jumped out of the water to catch a passing bird.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO disrupts airport in Germany

1-10-2014 | 77

An unidentified flying object over Bremen prompted cancelled flights and a formal police investigation.

Space & Astronomy

Dream Chaser test succeeds despite glitch

 VIDEO  10-30-2013 | 15

The first test flight of a new prototype space plane went according to plan aside from a slight mishap.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceX Grasshopper test flight successful

 VIDEO  10-14-2013 | 14

A remarkable new type of reusable rocket could soon revolutionize how we launch things in to space.

Nature & Environment

Swifts can keep flying for months at a time

10-9-2013 | 14

Researchers have discovered that some birds can maintain continuous flight for over six months.

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