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Science & Technology

Virgin Galactic passes second test flight

 VIDEO  9-7-2013 | 12

Space tourim is inching ever closer as Virgin Galactic conducts a second successful test flight.

Space & Astronomy

Virgin Galactic craft to go supersonic ?

4-28-2013 | 24

SpaceShipTwo will be conducting its first rocket-powered test flight tomorrow says Richard Branson.


Secret 'batplane' filmed near Area 51

2-1-2013 | 160

A man living near Groom Lake has allegedly filmed a test flight of a secret new aircraft design.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO filmed from airline during US flight

1-1-2013 | 106

Mauricio Ruiz managed to record an anomalous object from his window during a flight to Chicago.

Space & Astronomy

Company offers $1.5 billion Moon trips

12-10-2012 | 12

A new company headed by two ex-NASA officials hopes to provide flights before the decade is out.

World of the Bizarre

Speed violinist voted fastest human on Earth

 VIDEO  11-17-2012 | 17

Violinst Ben Lee has gained the title after playing Flight of the Bumblebee at 15 notes per second.

The UFO Phenomenon

Can UFOs cause air accidents ?

11-2-2012 | 48

Could the distraction of a UFO sighting during a flight be enough to cause a collision or crash ?

Nature & Environment

Scientists solve bee flight route mystery

9-24-2012 | 17

Far from following a random flight pattern bees have the ability to plan the most efficient route.

Space & Astronomy

Think tank to tackle interstellar travel

9-6-2012 | 42

The 100 Year Starship Project is aimed at developing interstellar space flight within the next century.

Nature & Environment

Racing pigeons mysteriously disappearing

8-26-2012 | 16

Racing pigeons are allegedly vanishing without a trace during routine flights in parts of the UK.

Science & Technology

Military conducts hypersonic jet test flight

8-15-2012 | 21

The Waverider jet project aims to fly the aircraft at a speed of 4,300mph, six times the speed of sound.

Space & Astronomy

Commercial space flights to generate $1.6B ?

8-2-2012 | 2

Suborbital space trips could generate as much as $1.6 billion within the first decade of operations.

Space & Astronomy

Virgin Galactic flights to blast off in 2013

7-12-2012 | 12

Richard Branson's flagship commercial space company is set to start flights in December 2013.


Ex-FBI employee claims she saw angels

7-5-2012 | 45

Lillie Leonardi believes she saw angels at the United Airlines Flight 93 crash site in Pennsylvania.

Space & Astronomy

Virgin Galactic given permit for launch tests

6-1-2012 | 4

Affordable space tourism grows ever closer as rocket-powered test flights get the green light.

Space & Astronomy

Russia resumes manned Soyuz flights

11-15-2011 | 3

Russia have returned to the ISS with a manned Soyuz launch from Kazakhstan carrying three astronauts.

Science & Technology

UFO-like stealth drone takes flight

10-16-2011 | 13

You would be forgiven for thinking the US Navy's new X-47B is a UFO if you saw it fly overheard.

Science & Technology

Hypersonic aircraft to fly at 13,000mph

8-11-2011 | 33

The US military are to launch a test flight of a new experimental hypersonic unmanned aircraft.

Space & Astronomy

Virgin Galactic chief pilot announced

8-2-2011 | 6

David Mackay will be flying tourists in to space on Virgin's sub-orbital space flights within two years.

Space & Astronomy

Nations compete in new space race

7-28-2011 | 19

As NASA's shuttle program ends other countries are moving forward with their own spaceflight plans.

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