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Science & Technology

How feasible is it to transplant a brain from one head to another?

3-28-2024 | 9

Could someone realistically have their brain transferred to a new body or is this purely the stuff of science fiction ?

The UFO Phenomenon

Phoenix Lights mass UFO sighting continues to intrigue 27 years on

3-15-2024 | 7

On March 13th, 1997, sightings of a V-shaped formation of lights over Arizona would go on to make headline news.

World of the Bizarre

Mystery as disembodied human leg found on New York City subway

2-22-2024 | 4

The grisly and unnerving discovery left local authorities scratching their heads.

Space & Astronomy

Secretive X-37b space plane blasts off on another mystery mission

 VIDEO  12-29-2023 | 36

After several delays earlier this month, the enigmatic vehicle has finally headed back into space atop a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket.

World of the Bizarre

Man with constant headaches found to have chopsticks stuck in his skull

11-29-2023 | 7

A man from Vietnam was recently shocked to discover the horrifying reason for his unexplained headaches.

Nature & Environment

'Unicorn' shows up on game camera in Petrified Forest National Park

11-28-2023 | 1

Wildlife officials in Arizona recently posted up still images of an animal with a single horn on its head.

The UFO Phenomenon

Head of Pentagon's UFO office is stepping down after just 18 months

11-9-2023 | 50

Sean Kirkpatrick had postponed his own retirement to head up the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office.

Nature & Environment

This real-life 'Jersey Devil' is actually a genuine creature

10-28-2023 | 13

It might look like a rendering of some obscure Pokemon, but it is in fact a real animal.

Modern Mysteries

Pink glow in Yorkshire sky likened to scenes from 'Stranger Things'

10-18-2023 | 2

A peculiar glow visible for miles around in the skies over East Yorkshire, England recently left locals scratching their heads.

Science & Technology

The result of a coin toss might not be random, new study suggests

10-15-2023 | 2

New research has called into question the notion that tossing a coin yields a 50/50 chance of heads or trails.

World of the Bizarre

Man flies through the air after jumping into powerful water fountain

8-30-2023 | 22

A man from Switzerland decided to see what would happen if he put his head into one of the world's most powerful fountains.


NASA's JPL head Dr. Laurie Leshin on UFOs and alien life

 VIDEO  8-23-2023 | 8

Dr. Leshin recently spoke about JPL's mission to explore other worlds and offered her thoughts on the recent UFO hearing.

World of the Bizarre

Man miraculously survives attack after two bullets ricochet off his head

8-21-2023 | 7

A man in Mexico City recently survived being shot twice in the head thanks to a freak combination of circumstances.

The UFO Phenomenon

Head of Pentagon's UFO office plays down claims made at hearing

8-1-2023 | 31

Sean Kirkpatrick, head of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, has written a memo about the revelations.

World of the Bizarre

Bald men in Mozambique ritualistically attacked due to 'gold' in their heads

7-26-2023 | 9

A bizarre superstition in the African nation has seen many bald men attacked and even killed over the last few years.

Science & Technology

Scientist claims to have performed brain surgery on himself at home

7-19-2023 | 6

Michael Raduga reportedly lost a significant amount of blood while undertaking a 10-hour procedure on his own head.

Science & Technology

Doctors in Israel re-attach boy's head after he was 'internally decapitated'

7-16-2023 | 9

The young boy had been riding his bike when a freak accident resulted in his head being severed on the inside.

Science & Technology

Is the mysterious 'Havana Syndrome' really a psychosomatic illness ?

3-24-2023 | 4

Neurology expert Robert Baloh takes a closer look at the phenomenon that left government officials scratching their heads.

Space & Astronomy

These weird sand dunes on Mars are 'almost perfectly circular'

3-15-2023 | 9

Scientists have been left scratching their heads over images of a peculiar phenomenon on the surface of Mars.

Space & Astronomy

'No way we are alone', says UK space exploration boss

3-11-2023 | 70

The head of space exploration at the UK Space Agency remains adamant that we are not alone in the universe.

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