Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Natural World

Himalayas visible from India thanks to lockdown

4-10-2020 | 6

Low pollution levels due to the coronavirus lockdown have revealed views not seen in several decades.

Ancient Mysteries

Mystery surrounds Himalayan 'skeleton lake'

8-21-2019 | 8

A shallow lake situated high up in the mountains of India is filled with skeletal remains dating back centuries.


Indian army reports 'Yeti' footprints discovery

4-30-2019 | 23

An Indian military mountaineering expedition team photographed the mystery footprints in the Himalayas.

Natural World

Over 200 new species found in the Himalayas

10-5-2015 | 8

Researchers have identified a treasure trove of new animal species in the Eastern Himalayas region.


Scientists challenge 'Yeti' DNA results

12-18-2014 | 26

DNA thought to be from an extinct polar bear in the Himalayas might actually belong to something else.

Natural World

Man-eating Leopard is 'targeting drunks'

9-14-2014 | 46

A particularly deadly big cat is thought to have killed 12 people from remote Himalayan villages.


Oldest big cat fossil discovered

11-13-2013 | 2

Fossil skull fragments of a prehistoric species of large cat have been unearthed in the Himalayas.


'Yeti' DNA matches prehistoric polar bear

10-17-2013 | 49

Alleged Yeti hairs retrieved from the Himalayas have been identified as those of a rare bear sub-species.

Natural World

Lost tiger population found in Himalayas

9-21-2010 | 13

The highest known living tigers have been discovered high up in the Himalayas by the BBC's Natural History Unit.

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