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The UFO Phenomenon

Ryan Graves: subcommittee revelations are 'tip of the iceberg'

8-8-2023 | 164

The former Navy pilot had spoken out about his own experiences during the recent subcommittee hearing on UFOs.

Space & Astronomy

'Oumuamua: not a hydrogen iceberg after all?

8-20-2020 | 11

One of the foremost explanations for the nature and origin of the interstellar visitor has been cast into doubt.

Modern Mysteries

Super rare photo of Titanic iceberg revealed

6-16-2020 | 15

108 years on from the iconic vessel's doomed maiden voyage, a new image of the iceberg has surfaced.

Science & Technology

Why are some icebergs emerald green ?

 VIDEO  3-5-2019 | 4

Scientists are closing in on an answer to the question of why some icebergs exhibit a distinctive green tinge.

Science & Technology

NASA photographs second rectangular iceberg

10-25-2018 | 44

Another intriguingly geometric iceberg has been spotted in Antarctica during an Operation IceBridge aerial survey.

Science & Technology

Perfectly square iceberg baffles the Internet

10-21-2018 | 44

This strangely geometric piece of ice was photographed by NASA off Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf.

Science & Technology

Towed iceberg could solve Cape Town drought

7-4-2018 | 18

A marine salvage expert has suggested towing an iceberg 1,200 miles to act as a source of fresh water.

Nature & Environment

Scientists to explore 'mystery' ecosystem

2-12-2018 | 7

A new expedition is set to investigate an unexplored ecosystem hidden beneath a huge Antarctic iceberg.

Science & Technology

Monster-sized iceberg splits from Antarctica

 VIDEO  7-12-2017 | 7

One of the largest icebergs in recorded history has broken away from the world's southernmost continent.

Science & Technology

Abu Dhabi firm wants to tow iceberg to the UAE

5-6-2017 | 17

An impending water shortage in the United Arab Emirates has called for a rather extraordinary solution.

Science & Technology

Huge chunk of Antarctic ice shelf set to break

1-7-2017 | 35

A worryingly large rift in one of the Antarctic's biggest ice shelves has been continuing to grow.

World of the Bizarre

Full-scale 'Titanic' being built in China

12-3-2016 | 16

The life-size replica of the ill-fated vessel will even feature a simulation of the iceberg collision.

Science & Technology

Titanic iceberg was over 100,000 years old

3-6-2016 | 7

A university professor has revealed new details about the iceberg that sunk the RMS Titanic in 1912.

World of the Bizarre

Man plans to spend year living on an iceberg

 VIDEO  4-18-2015 | 24

Adventurer Alex Bellini will live inside a special survival pod on top of an iceberg in Greenland.

Science & Technology

Icebergs have their own sound signatures

1-31-2015 | 1

Scientists have discovered that it is possible to monitor icebergs by listening to their acoustics.

Science & Technology

Iceberg aircraft carrier proposed during WWII

8-15-2014 | 10

Eccentric inventor Geoffrey Pyke came up with a number of unorthodox weapon concepts during the war.

Nature & Environment

Huge Antarctic iceberg heads for open ocean

4-25-2014 | 9

A chunk of ice six times the size of Manhatten broke away from the Pine Island Glacier last year.

Modern Mysteries

Moon blamed for sinking of the Titanic

3-7-2012 | 19

A rare combination of factors may have been responsible for the iceberg that sunk the Titanic.

Science & Technology

Drought solution - tow an iceberg ?

8-10-2011 | 31

A novel idea is being reconsidered to aid drought-hit areas - tow an iceberg from the North Atlantic.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery timber spotted on top of iceberg

1-26-2011 | 41

Debate has been sparked over the nature of a plank of wood spotted on an iceberg at the South Pole.

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