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Gargantuan prehistoric marine reptile was largest ever to swim in the sea

4-19-2024 | 3

Paleontologists have identified a huge species of ichthyosaur from fossils found on a British beach.


Huge fossilized 'sea dragon' is largest ever found in the UK

1-10-2022 | 3

Palaeontologists have uncovered what is being hailed as the UK's largest ever ichthyosaur fossil.


Prehistoric 'sea dragon' fossil unearthed

12-27-2020 | 3

Palaeontologists have identified a new prehistoric sea creature that lived in what is now the English Channel.


Huge reptile found in Ichthyosaur's stomach

 VIDEO  8-23-2020 | 2

Palaeontologists have discovered one large prehistoric fossil reptile inside the belly of another, larger predator.


Fossilized ichthyosaur has skin and blubber

12-6-2018 | 8

The 180 million-year-old specimen was originally discovered at Holzmaden quarry in Germany.


Prehistoric 'sea monster' was truly gigantic

4-10-2018 | 11

Scientists have found the fossil remains of an ichthyosaur that was almost the size of a blue whale.


Fossil ichthyosaur found alongside its prey

10-31-2017 | 2

Palaeontologists have unearthed the fossil remains of an 18ft sea monster dating back to the Jurassic Era.


Largest known Ichthyosaurus was pregnant

8-28-2017 | 4

Palaeontologists have discovered an enormous Ichthyosaurus specimen in a German museum collection.


Storr Lochs Monster is a real-life Nessie

9-7-2016 | 3

A near-complete ichthyosaur fossil found in Scotland is finally getting the attention it deserves.


New species of ichthyosaur unearthed in UK

6-14-2016 | 4

The prehistoric aquatic reptile fossil, which was found in a quarry, dates back over 200 million years.


New species of ichthyosaur identified

2-22-2015 | 4

The fossil of a previously unknown species of prehistoric aquatic reptile has been found at a museum.


Prehistoric marine reptile found in Scotland

1-12-2015 | 18

The fossilized remains of a large dolphin-like creature have been found on the Isle of Skye.


What color were ancient sea creatures ?

1-9-2014 | 6

Scientists have discovered traces of skin pigment in the fossilized remains of prehistoric sea beasts.


Prehistoric fossil shows signs of epic battle

5-6-2011 | 5

A 120-million-year old ichthyosaur jawbone shows signs of attack by a member of the same species.

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