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Modern Mysteries

Underwater sound signals could help solve the mystery of MH370

6-13-2024 | 3

Detecting underwater acoustic signals could provide scientists with new insights into plane crashes.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Study of cardiac arrest survivors offers new insights into NDEs

9-16-2023 | 26

What exactly goes on in the mind of someone who is in the middle of being resuscitated following a cardiac arrest ?

Space & Astronomy

InSight Mars lander signs off with poignant final photo and message

12-22-2022 | 11

After four years of activity on the surface of Mars, NASA's InSight mission has finally come to an end.

Space & Astronomy

NASA InSight lander is running out of power

 VIDEO  5-18-2022 | 11

The space probe, which landed in the Elysium Planitia region of Mars in 2018, is now in its final months.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Diary gives new insight into Victorian seances

12-24-2021 | 6

The diary of William Rossetti has provided researchers with an in-depth look at seances before the advent of the Ouija board.

Space & Astronomy

Mars InSight mission unveils surprising secrets

7-23-2021 | 1

The space probe, which landed in 2018, has revealed some surprising findings about the planet's interior.

Space & Astronomy

Eerie rumbles are coming from Mars' interior

4-2-2021 | 7

NASA's Insight lander has recently picked up the telltale signs of seismic activity on the Red Planet.

Space & Astronomy

InSight lander records eerie sounds on Mars

 VIDEO  10-2-2019 | 1

NASA scientists have released new audio clips of the otherworldly sounds picked up on the Martian surface.

Space & Astronomy

NASA picks up 'Marsquake' for the first time

 VIDEO  4-24-2019 | 5

The space agency's InSight lander has successfully picked up a seismic event on the Red Planet.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's InSight lander records the Martian wind

 VIDEO  12-7-2018 | 5

NASA has released the first ever recording of the wind buffeting a spacecraft on the surface of Mars.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's InSight probe successfully lands on Mars

11-26-2018 | 42

After a harrowing descent through the Martian atmosphere, the probe has finally reached its destination.

Space & Astronomy

NASA prepares for '7 minutes of terror' on Mars

 VIDEO  11-24-2018 | 42

The space agency's InSight lander will be descending 80 miles through the Martian atmosphere on Monday.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's InSight lander is on its way to Mars

 VIDEO  5-5-2018 | 10

The spacecraft blasted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California aboard an Atlas V rocket earlier today.

Space & Astronomy

Delayed Mars probe is set for launch in 2018

 VIDEO  9-7-2016 | 6

NASA's InSight Mars lander mission will now be launching in Spring 2018 following an unexpected delay.


Skull discovery sheds light on early humans

10-20-2013 | 16

A skull dating back 1.8 million years has offered new insights in to the story of human evolution.


Prehistoric rodent fossil discovered

8-8-2013 | 11

The pre-mammalian rodent-like creature is offering new insights in to how our distant ancestors lived.

The UFO Phenomenon

Files shed light on MoD UFO desk closure

6-21-2013 | 47

Newly declassified files have provided new insight in to the reason the MoD stopped looking in to UFOs.

Archaeology & History

Five Celtic warriors unearthed in France

4-24-2013 | 10

An Iron Age graveyard discovered in France is set to provide new insights in to the life of the Celts.

Archaeology & History

Lost items reveal Roman bath activities

4-8-2013 | 5

Roman artifacts recovered from the drains of public baths have revealed new insights in to their history.

Nature & Environment

Elephants capable of insight

8-25-2011 | 14

In a series of experiments elephants have been shown to be capable of spontaneous problem solving.

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