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World of the Bizarre

Errant kangaroo spotted hopping along a road in Missouri

 VIDEO  12-23-2022 | 7

A curious marsupial was spotted nonchalantly exploring a quiet road in High Ridge, Missouri this week.

World of the Bizarre

Cops capture a kangaroo in Fort Lauderdale

 VIDEO  7-18-2020 | 6

Police officers in Florida recently encountered a feisty marsupial that was very far from home.


Fossil of world's largest kangaroo discovered

5-22-2020 | 6

Scientists in Australia have unearthed a gargantuan kangaroo and a giant lizard the size of a car.

World of the Bizarre

Storm leaves kangaroos frolicking in the snow

 VIDEO  8-13-2019 | 6

Unusual footage showing the strange combination of kangaroos and snow recently went viral on social media.

The UFO Phenomenon

Man photographs UFO over Kangaroo Island

12-13-2018 | 42

Andrew Isaacson had been visiting Australia's Cape Willoughby Lighthouse when the picture was taken.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Mystery rogue kangaroo on the loose in Austria

9-5-2018 | 17

Authorities in northern Austria have been investigating multiple sightings of a rogue kangaroo this week.

Nature & Environment

Mystery surrounds kangaroo deaths in NSW

12-27-2017 | 28

Experts have been left perplexed by the unexplained deaths of millions of kangaroos in Australia.


'Vampire' kangaroos lived longer than thought

10-15-2017 | 1

An extinct species of fanged kangaroo survived five million years longer than previously believed.

World of the Bizarre

Muscle-bound kangaroo spotted in Australia

 VIDEO  10-12-2017 | 12

Photographs of a 'macho' marsupial standing in a creek in Western Australia have gone viral online.

Nature & Environment

'Eat more kangaroo meat', say ecologists

9-12-2017 | 59

An overabundance of the iconic marsupial has led wildlife experts to recommend a change in diet.


DNA extracted from extinct giant kangaroo

1-17-2015 | 5

Scientists have been able to extract the DNA from two extinct behemoths that lived 45,000 years ago.


Prehistoric kangaroo walked like a human

10-18-2014 | 9

The extinct sthenurine kangaroo weighed a quarter of a ton and looked a bit like a giant bipedal rabbit.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

"Phantom kangaroos" in the United States

6-27-2009 | 12

Taking a look at the "phantom kangaroo" phenomenon, strange carnivorous masupials sighted across the United States as fa...

World of the Bizarre

Company makes paper from wombat poo

3-9-2009 | 14

A company in Australia that was previously credited with producing paper from kangaroo droppings has now been successful...

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