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Space & Astronomy

Kepler data reveals hidden Earth-like exoplanet

 VIDEO  4-17-2020 | 6

Scientists have discovered one of the most Earth-like extrasolar worlds ever seen and they almost missed it.

Space & Astronomy

NASA's Kepler telescope is officially dead

10-31-2018 | 16

The ground-breaking space telescope that discovered more than 2,600 exoplanets has finally run out of fuel.


Kepler-186f is more habitable than we thought

7-2-2018 | 14

An extrasolar world 500 light years away could be the most promising place yet to look for alien life.

Space & Astronomy

NASA announces discovery of 1,284 exoplanets

5-10-2016 | 13

The incredible new haul has more than doubled the total number of known extrasolar worlds to over 3,200.

Space & Astronomy

NASA to make Kepler announcement tomorrow

5-9-2016 | 32

The space agency will be revealing the latest findings of its Kepler Space Telescope tomorrow afternoon.

Space & Astronomy

Will we ever be able to visit 'Earth 2.0' ?

8-3-2015 | 32

Kepler-452b, the most Earth-like world ever found outside our solar system, is 1400 light years away.

Space & Astronomy

NASA announces discovery of a second Earth

 VIDEO  7-23-2015 | 67

Astronomers using the Kepler Telescope have found the most Earth-like extrasolar planet ever discovered.

Space & Astronomy

New Earth-like extrasolar planet discovered

1-7-2015 | 18

The newly found Kepler 438b is being hailed by astronomers as the most Earth-like world ever found.

Space & Astronomy

Kepler discovers new extrasolar planet

12-21-2014 | 7

NASA's Kepler space telescope has made its first discovery since being crippled by a technical fault.

Space & Astronomy

Kepler discovers most Earth-like exoplanet

4-18-2014 | 24

Astronomers have located an Earth-sized world within the 'Goldilocks zone' of a distant solar system.

Space & Astronomy

NASA discovers 715 new extrasolar planets

2-27-2014 | 12

The record-breaking haul of newly discovered worlds comes courtesy of the Kepler Space Telescope.

Space & Astronomy

Earth-sized 'lava world' planet discovered

11-1-2013 | 5

Kepler 78b is 400 light years away, is a similar size to the Earth and has a surface covered in lava.

Space & Astronomy

Kepler telescope breaks down

5-18-2013 | 18

NASA's highly successful planet hunting orbital telescope has suffered a serious equipment failure.

Space & Astronomy

New 'habitable zone' planets discovered

4-19-2013 | 10

NASA's Kepler mission has found several new potentially habitable planets orbiting distant stars.

Space & Astronomy

NASA discovers most Earth-like planet yet

1-11-2013 | 23

The Kepler space telescope has once again identified a promising Earth-like world around a distant star.

Space & Astronomy

Kepler telescope eyes disintegrating planet

5-21-2012 | 9

NASA's Kepler Space Telescope has found a planet being destroyed by the heat of its own parent star.

Space & Astronomy

Kepler finds alien planet in Goldilocks zone

12-6-2011 | 21

Kepler-22b is at just the right distance from its star for liquid water to exist on its surface.

Space & Astronomy

Two planets discovered sharing one orbit

2-28-2011 | 32

Kepler has found something unlike anything seen before - two planets sharing the same orbit.


500m planets in our galaxy could support life

2-21-2011 | 45

Data from NASA's Kepler telescope suggests there are 50 billion planets in the Milky Way.

Space & Astronomy

Kepler telescope finds over 1,200 planets

2-3-2011 | 154

It is believed that more than 50 of those discovered may be able to support life as we know it.

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