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The UFO Phenomenon

UFO filmed from plane over Seoul

 VIDEO  4-9-2012 | 83

An airline passenger has filmed a strange object flying low over the city of Seoul in South Korea.

Science & Technology

Scientists sign deal to clone mammoth

3-14-2012 | 46

A joint Russian and South Korean research effort has been launched in a bid to create a live mammoth.

Science & Technology

Self-diagnosis by spitting on your iPhone ?

12-7-2011 | 14

Two Korean scientists have envisaged a future where your phone can diagnose what illness you have.

Science & Technology

Scientists create glowing dog

7-29-2011 | 22

Scientists in Korea have created a glowing dog using a cloning technique that could help cure diseases.

World of the Bizarre

Woman passes driving test at 960th attempt

9-6-2010 | 21

A grandmother from South Korea has finally passed her triving test on her 960th attempt.

Science & Technology

North Korea claims nuclear fusion success

5-13-2010 | 30

Its being met with a great deal of skepticism but North Korea claim to have succeeded in developing nuclear fusion.

World of the Bizarre

Korean man marries a pillow

3-16-2010 | 26

In a bizarre marriage this month Korean man Lee Jin-gyu married his pillow in a traditional ceremony.

Science & Technology

Scientists develop hangover-free booze

3-5-2010 | 29

Scientists in Korea have come up with a way to allow drinkers to avoid a hangover by increasing the oxygen content.

Science & Technology

Scientists claim to have cloned glowing dogs

6-22-2009 | 13

Scientists in South Korea claim they have produced the world's first glowing dogs through cloning, the four beagles name...

Science & Technology

Glow-in-the-dark puppies cloned

4-30-2009 | 19

Scientists in Korea have used cloning techniques to create glow-in-the-dark puppies. The four beagles look normal but gl...

Science & Technology

Rise in sales of nuke shelters

4-7-2009 | 12

A company that sells nuclear fallout shelters in Japan has announced that it has seen sales of shelters soaring in the l...

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