Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Nature & Environment

The mayfly has the shortest adult lifespan of any known animal

9-11-2023 | 3

Life is short, but when compared with the lifespans of some creatures, human lives last almost an eternity.

Science & Technology

Scientists extend lifespan of worms by 500%

1-12-2020 | 10

A new study has found that a few simple genetic changes can make worms live much, much longer.

Science & Technology

Human lifespan is only 38 years, study claims

12-14-2019 | 52

A new method for determining lifespans from DNA has offered up a perplexing figure for our 'natural' lifespan.

Science & Technology

Immortality industry 'worth $600bn' by 2025

5-20-2019 | 8

The Bank of America has predicted that extending the human lifespan will soon become a major pursuit.

Modern Mysteries

'Oldest man' dies at an alleged age of 146

5-2-2017 | 12

According to reports, Indonesian national Sodimedjo was born in 1870, making him 146 when he died.

Science & Technology

Is there a limit to how long we can live ?

10-6-2016 | 27

A new study has suggested that humans may be limited to a maximum lifespan of around 115 years.

Science & Technology

Anti-ageing trial could see dogs live longer

12-4-2015 | 8

Scientists studying the ageing of dogs have come up with a possible new way to increase their lifespan.

Science & Technology

Taller people may have shorter lifespans

12-3-2015 | 26

Researchers have revealed that taller individuals within a species don't live as long as shorter ones.

Science & Technology

Deleting genes could extend human lifespan

10-12-2015 | 10

Scientists have identified a potential new way of extending human longevity by up to 60 percent.

Nature & Environment

Great white sharks can live up to 70 years

1-10-2014 | 7

The lifespan of the infamous great white shark appears to be far longer than previously believed.

Nature & Environment

World's oldest manatee turns 65

7-22-2013 | 12

A manatee in Florida has highlighted the way in which captivity can unnaturally extend animal lifespans.

Science & Technology

Gene therapy extends mouse lifespan by 24%

5-19-2012 | 19

Scientists have been able to use a single treatment of gene therapy to extend the life of a mouse.

Science & Technology

Anti-aging pill available within 2 years ?

5-14-2010 | 30

A leading authority on aging has claimed that within two years a drug could be available to extend lifespans past 100.

Nature & Environment

Antarctic glacier 'thinning fast'

8-15-2009 | 14

A vast Antarctic glacier is thinning four times faster than it was a decade ago British scientists have revealed, with t...

Science & Technology

Easter Island compound extends life

7-14-2009 | 9

A compound first discovered in the soil of Easter Island called "rapamycin" has shown promising results when administere...

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