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Science & Technology

Magnetic wormhole created in a laboratory

8-22-2015 | 10

Scientists have managed to create a device that can transmit a magnetic field from one place to another.

Science & Technology

Deaf man is able to hear using Wi-Fi signals

11-20-2014 | 3

Frank Swain uses an experimental system to convert electromagnetic signals in to audible sounds.

Science & Technology

Earth's magnetic field is preparing to flip

10-22-2014 | 30

The next reversal of the Earth's magnetic field could happen within the next couple of thousand years.

Science & Technology

New material enables water to flow uphill

8-11-2014 | 7

Scientists have developed a remarkable new magnetic microhair material inspired by animal hair.

Science & Technology

Do magnetic flips cause mass extinctions ?

6-12-2014 | 55

The periodic reversal of the Earth's magnetic field may play a key role in mass extinction events.

Space & Astronomy

Sun's magnetic field has flipped upside-down

 VIDEO  12-31-2013 | 14

NASA has announced that the long-awaited reversal of the sun's magnetic poles has finally taken place.

Space & Astronomy

Sun's magnetic poles getting ready to flip

 VIDEO  11-15-2013 | 7

The Sun's poles will soon be swapping places as the magnetic field turns completely upside-down.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Man claims to possess magnetic powers

 VIDEO  11-12-2013 | 38

Miroslaw Magola claims that he has the ability to magnetize metal objects and stick them to his body.

Space & Astronomy

Strongest known magnetic source discovered

8-15-2013 | 24

Astronomers have identified what appears to be the most powerful magnetic field in the known universe.

Space & Astronomy

Sun's magnetic field is about to flip

8-8-2013 | 33

NASA believes that the Sun's magnetic field will soon undergo a significant but harmless change.

Space & Astronomy

Experiment detects hints of dark matter

4-6-2013 | 8

The space station's Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer has picked up evidence that could indicate dark matter.

Science & Technology

Magnetic reversal hints in Earth's core

7-15-2012 | 14

The Earth's magnetic field may flip every few thousand years due to lopsided growth of the planet's core.

Natural World

How do animals use magnetism to navigate ?

7-12-2012 | 10

Scientists have been studying how some animals use magnetic navigation to find their way around.

Science & Technology

'Portals' found in Earth's magnetic field

7-5-2012 | 29

NASA plans to launch four spacecraft to investigate hidden portals in the magnetic field of the Earth.

Natural World

Pigeons' sixth sense eludes scientists

4-13-2012 | 8

It still isn't clear how pigeons are able to detect magnetic fields to help them navigate when flying.

Science & Technology

Researchers 'cloak' a 3-dimensional object

1-28-2012 | 6

New research has rendered a 3D object invisible to the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Science & Technology

Magnetic soap could help oil spill clean-ups

1-25-2012 | 3

Soap that contains iron atoms could find use in oil spill clean-ups and in waste water treatments.

Metaphysics & Psychology

'Magnetic man' sticks spoons to his skin

 VIDEO  12-17-2011 | 18

Etibar Elchyev achieved a world record for sticking 50 metal spoons magnetically to his body.

Space & Astronomy

Magnetic moon mystery solved

11-11-2011 | 10

Why are there magnetised rocks on the lunar surface when the Moon has no magnetic field ?

Science & Technology

Self-assembling microparticle machines

8-9-2011 | 8

Scientists have revealed some of the remarkable properties of small colonies of tiny magnetic particles.

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