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Space & Astronomy

Mars One Ventures has been declared bankrupt

2-12-2019 | 11

The Dutch firm, which aimed to begin founding a human colony on Mars by 2025, has inevitably gone bust.

Space & Astronomy

Mars One delays first manned mission to Mars

12-8-2016 | 7

The Netherlands-based firm has pushed back its ambitious plans by several years due to funding issues.

Space & Astronomy

Mars one reveals modular space suit concept

11-16-2016 | 4

The Dutch company has unveiled a preliminary design for a space suit that may one day be worn on mars.

Space & Astronomy

Mars One applicants now whittled down to 100

6-7-2016 | 41

The final 100 candidates for the controversial Mars One mission are set to undergo more rigorous tests.

Space & Astronomy

Astrophysicist doubts feasibility of Mars One

3-18-2015 | 23

Joseph Roche, who is himself on the shortlist to go to Mars, doubts very much that it will ever happen.

Space & Astronomy

Mars One to reveal applicant shortlist

2-14-2015 | 28

The final 100 applicants shortlisted to embark on a one-way trip to Mars will be announced next week.

Space & Astronomy

British student hoping to give birth on Mars

2-1-2015 | 28

24-year-old Maggie Lieu has been shortlisted to go to Mars as part of the controversial Mars One project.

Space & Astronomy

Mars One seeks experiments for 2018 mission

7-1-2014 | 21

The non-profit organization is now accepting proposals for scientific payloads that it can send to mars.

Space & Astronomy

Mars One selection to be a reality TV show

1-2-2014 | 31

The organisers of the Mars One project are hoping to broadcast a 'Big Brother' style TV series.

Space & Astronomy

Mars One announces satellite and lander

12-11-2013 | 26

The company aiming to send humans on a one-way Mars trip is set to launch a robotic mission by 2018.

Space & Astronomy

Mars One to launch test mission by 2016

11-2-2013 | 8

The ambitious Mars One project is forging ahead with plans to launch a test mission within 3 years.

Space & Astronomy

78,000 people apply for trip to Mars

5-9-2013 | 48

Despite there being no way get home again, thousands have rushed to sign themselves up to Mars One.

Space & Astronomy

Applicants wanted for one-way Mars trip

4-17-2013 | 165

Mars One has announced the imminent availability of placements on its ambitious one-way mission to Mars.

Space & Astronomy

Mars One mission receives first funding

9-1-2012 | 20

A company planning to send humans to Mars by 2023 has received its first funding from sponsors.

Space & Astronomy

Company offering one way Mars trips

7-30-2012 | 53

Mars One is planning on settling a colony on Mars by 2023 as part of an ambitious new project.

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