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Creatures, Myths & Legends

UFO and Bigfoot sightings abound in Massachusetts' 'Monsterland'

 VIDEO  2-26-2024 | 16

A 5-mile stretch of rugged woodland near Leominster has been home to mysterious sightings dating back 200 years.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Mysteries revisited: the enigma of the Bridgewater Triangle

 VIDEO  12-14-2022 | 8

High strangeness abounds at an alleged 'paranormal vortex' found in the heart of Southern Massachusetts.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

New Bridgewater Triangle Bigfoot documentary released

 VIDEO  5-17-2022 | 5

A new documentary exploring sightings of Bigfoot in a notorious area of Massachusetts is now available to watch for free.

Ghosts & Hauntings

House for sale has 'not haunted' sign outside

3-29-2021 | 12

Residents of a town in Massachusetts have been left perplexed by a very unusual 'for sale' sign.

Science & Technology

MIT develops a dream manipulation machine

8-1-2020 | 7

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have built a device that can influence your dreams.

Modern Mysteries

'Bridgewater Triangle' to be made into a TV show

9-1-2019 | 9

A 200 square-mile region of southeastern Massachusetts has been a hotbed of strange occurrences for years.

World of the Bizarre

Tree burns inside-out after lightning strike

5-28-2019 | 6

Firefighters were called out to attend a rather eerie-looking blaze in Millbury, Massachusetts on Sunday.

World of the Bizarre

65-year-old man clings to hood of speeding SUV

 VIDEO  1-28-2019 | 5

A road-rage incident last week left one man holding on to the hood of an SUV on a highway in Massachusetts.

Modern Mysteries

'Shoe island' baffles police in Massachusetts

 VIDEO  9-8-2018 | 17

Old shoes have been mysteriously appearing on a traffic island at a road intersection in the town of Granby.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds damaged 1881 time capsule

8-4-2018 | 0

The contents of a 19th-century time capsule unearthed in Massachusetts still remain something of a mystery.

World of the Bizarre

T. rex fails to shovel snow in Massachusetts

 VIDEO  2-11-2017 | 11

YouTuber Leslie Haasch decided to try clearing up the snow in her garden while dressed as a dinosaur.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds spate of amnesia cases

1-28-2017 | 9

Doctors in Massachusetts have been left scratching their heads over a recent spate of amnesia cases.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds Great Island stone marker

6-21-2016 | 3

The origins of a granite marker on an island in Massachusetts have remained a mystery for years.


Is it possible to weigh the human soul ?

11-6-2015 | 110

At the beginning of the 20th century a doctor in Massachusetts attempted to weigh patients as they died.

Science & Technology

'3-D printed' dome uses 6,500 live silkworms

7-13-2013 | 2

An experiment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has produced a remarkable silk dome.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Bigfoot' mystery foot found in Massachusetts

4-23-2013 | 97

The decomposing foot of a mysterious creature has been discovered by two young boys in a forest.

Space & Astronomy

Could paintball one day save the planet ?

10-29-2012 | 14

A graduate student from Massachusetts has developed a method to deflect an asteroid using paintballs.

Science & Technology

Company invents diesel secreting organism

2-28-2011 | 14

A biotechnology company in Massachusetts claims to be able to create diesel from basic ingredients.

World of the Bizarre

Lord Jesus Christ hit by car

12-18-2010 | 25

A man whose legal name is "Lord Jesus Christ" has been knocked down by a car in Massachusetts.

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