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Nature & Environment

It turns out that male mice are terrified of bananas

 VIDEO  6-2-2022 | 2

This rather unexpected discovery was recently made by scientists who were studying mice behavior in a lab.

Science & Technology

Anti-aging vaccine appears to work... in mice

12-16-2021 | 13

Scientists have developed a vaccine that could one day reverse the aging process in humans.

Nature & Environment

Rural Australia hit by biblical plague of mice

 VIDEO  3-19-2021 | 25

Rural farms and towns in New South Wales have been dealing with the worst plague of mice in decades.

Science & Technology

Eye injections could give humans night vision

2-28-2019 | 10

Scientists have successfully given mice the ability to see in near-infrared by injecting nanoparticles in to their eyes.

Science & Technology

Anti-aging drug can clear out 'zombie' cells

1-10-2019 | 6

Promising trials in mice have opened up the possibility of improving health and extending life in humans.

Science & Technology

Scientists create healthy mice with two mothers

10-12-2018 | 18

The breakthrough could eventually make it possible for human same-sex couples to have their own children.

Science & Technology

'Head transplant' surgeon reveals progress

6-16-2017 | 14

Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero has managed to sever and reconnect the spinal cords of nine mice.

Science & Technology

Scientists create artificial mouse embryos

3-3-2017 | 11

In a world first, researchers have managed to create artificial embryos using the stem cells of mice.

Science & Technology

Scientists turn mice in to zombie killers

1-13-2017 | 12

The mind-controlled rodents could be commanded to hunt down and kill a target using simple light flashes.

Science & Technology

Scientists create mice from artificial eggs

10-17-2016 | 9

Japanese scientists have succeeded in creating female mouse eggs using cells from the animals' tails.

Science & Technology

Is it possible to regenerate our organs ?

4-12-2014 | 14

In what is being hailed as a world first, scientists have succeeded in regenerating an organ in mice.

World of the Bizarre

Parachuting mice to tackle invasive snakes

12-4-2013 | 23

More than 2000 mice laced with painkillers have been airdropped by parachute from a helicopter over Guam.

Science & Technology

Could 'Total Recall' become a reality ?

7-27-2013 | 8

Scientists have been able to successfully implant memories of events that never happened in to mice.

Nature & Environment

Dead mice to be dropped over Guam

2-24-2013 | 41

Laced with poison, the dead mice are to help curb the large numbers of brown tree snakes in the region.

Science & Technology

Scientists reverse ageing in mice

1-14-2013 | 24

Harvard University researchers believe it may soon be possible to regenerate human organs.

Science & Technology

Scientists create mouse with super strength

11-13-2011 | 15

A genetically altered mouse has been created that is both stronger and can run further than normal mice.

Science & Technology

Mice can re-grow their own heart

2-28-2011 | 3

New research has demonstrated that newly born mice can re-grow their own heart if it is damaged.

Science & Technology

Scientists work to create elixir of life

10-7-2010 | 29

A new experiment using a mixture of amino acids on mice has yielded promising results.

Nature & Environment

Elephants 'scared of ants'

9-4-2010 | 9

Its a popular myth that elephants are scared of mice however what they are really scared of is actually a lot smaller.

Science & Technology

Easter Island compound extends life

7-14-2009 | 9

A compound first discovered in the soil of Easter Island called "rapamycin" has shown promising results when administere...

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