Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Archaeology & History

Gunung Padang: 'world's oldest pyramid' dates back up to 27,000 years

11-4-2023 | 29

This enigmatic archaeological site in Indonesia has the potential to be the oldest monolithic structure on Earth.

World of the Bizarre

Mob destroys monolith over 'Illuminati' fears

 VIDEO  2-18-2021 | 13

A metallic monolith that appeared in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been torched by a mob.

Modern Mysteries

Mysterious monoliths are continuing to appear

12-10-2020 | 16

Despite an art group claiming responsibility, more monoliths have been showing up around the world.

Modern Mysteries

Has the metal monoliths mystery been solved ?

12-5-2020 | 10

An art group has come forward to claim responsibility for creating the Utah and California monoliths.

Modern Mysteries

A third monolith has shown up in California

12-3-2020 | 28

The ongoing mystery of the metallic monoliths appearing around the world is showing no signs of slowing down.

Modern Mysteries

Witness sheds light on fate of Utah monolith

12-2-2020 | 111

A photographer who had been visiting the mysterious monolith claims he witnessed it being taken away.

Modern Mysteries

Another monolith has turned up in Romania

 VIDEO  12-1-2020 | 24

The mystery of the '2001' monoliths has deepened after another one has appeared half way across the world.

Modern Mysteries

'2001' monolith in Utah has now disappeared

11-30-2020 | 111

The mysterious monolith found in the Utah desert has now been inexplicably removed by 'an unknown party'.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery '2001' monolith found in Utah desert

 VIDEO  11-24-2020 | 111

A real-life version of the monolith from '2001: A Space Odyssey' has shown up in the middle of nowhere.

Archaeology & History

Underwater 'Stonehenge' found off Sicily coast

8-7-2015 | 10

Archaeologists have discovered a mysterious stone monolith at the bottom of the Mediterranean.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery 'monolith' spotted on Mars

8-5-2009 | 81

Buzz Aldrin recently hinted at the presence of a 'monolith' on Phobos during an interview, now an image taken from NASA'...

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