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World of the Bizarre

Escaped zebra repeatedly eludes capture in Washington state

 VIDEO  5-3-2024 | 5

A zebra is currently on the loose somewhere in the Cascade Mountains and nobody has been able to catch it.

Modern Mysteries

Wild 'wolf man' spotted by hikers in remote German mountains

8-26-2023 | 3

An individual thought to have been living wild for years has been sighted by people hiking in the region.

Nature & Environment

New species of snake has been named after Harrison Ford

8-18-2023 | 2

The serpent, which was found in the remote mountains of Peru, has been named in homage to Ford's most famous character.

The UFO Phenomenon

Aliens have been mutilating sheep in Wales, UFO hunter claims

5-30-2023 | 30

A spate of mysterious sheep deaths in the Welsh Cambrian mountains has been attributed to extraterrestrial visitors.


'Dragon of death' pterosaur discovered in Argentina

5-24-2022 | 4

A new type of flying reptile from the age of the dinosaurs has been unearthed in the Andes mountains.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Hiker is stalked for several days by 'Bigfoot' in Oregon

12-23-2021 | 158

An experienced hiker became fearful for their life after being followed by an unidentified creature in the Cascade Mountains.

Modern Mysteries

Famed treasure hunt creator dies, aged 90

 VIDEO  9-9-2020 | 26

Forrest Fenn, who famously hid a cache of valuables in the Rocky Mountains, died on Monday at his home.

Modern Mysteries

Fenn's treasure has been found at long last

6-8-2020 | 26

Hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, the mysterious treasure has claimed many lives.

Nature & Environment

Super-rare white grizzly bear spotted in Canada

 VIDEO  5-26-2020 | 3

A very unusual bear has been captured on film in Banff National Park in Canada's Rocky Mountains.

Modern Mysteries

Fifth person dies in hunt for Fenn's treasure

 VIDEO  3-26-2020 | 21

Said to be hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, the treasure is believed to be worth over $2 million.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Giant paw print sparks Australia big cat debate

3-1-2020 | 12

The discovery of a large feline print in the Blue Mountains has reignited speculation of a mystery big cat.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mount Shasta cloud photo sparks UFO rumors

2-20-2020 | 24

This distinctive disc-shaped cloud formation was recently photographed by a worker in the Cascade Mountains.

Archaeology & History

Mystery surrounds Himalayan 'skeleton lake'

8-21-2019 | 8

A shallow lake situated high up in the mountains of India is filled with skeletal remains dating back centuries.


Earliest evidence of human mountaineers found

8-10-2019 | 0

Archaeologists have unearthed evidence of Ice Age human habitation in the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia.

Science & Technology

Ice spires hint at potential for life on Pluto

7-9-2019 | 2

The existence of algae high up in the Andes Mountains hints at the possibility of life on distant, icy worlds.

Science & Technology

'Lost world' of mountains hidden under our feet

2-15-2019 | 6

Vast mountains that could be taller than Mt Everest are thought to exist hundreds of miles beneath the ground.

The UFO Phenomenon

New Zealand's Kaikoura lights mystery turns 40

 VIDEO  12-31-2018 | 9

Four decades ago, multiple UFO sightings were reported over the Kaikoura mountains on South Island.

Nature & Environment

Underwater 'lost world' found off Tasmania

 VIDEO  10-10-2018 | 3

A deep sea research vessel has discovered a chain of underwater mountains that are teeming with life.

Modern Mysteries

Real-life treasure hunt has claimed two lives

6-23-2017 | 16

Two people have died while attempting to track down a $2M haul hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

World of the Bizarre

Piles of tumbleweed engulf Australian homes

 VIDEO  2-18-2016 | 2

Residents of Wangaratta in Victoria have found their homes buried underneath mountains of tumbleweed.

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