Friday, December 1, 2023
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30% of Mexican 'alien' mummies' DNA is from an 'unknown species'

12-1-2023 | 505

Jaime Maussan is back in the limelight once again, this time claiming that the mummies are 'definitely not human'.


Mexican Congress holds second hearing about 'alien' bodies

11-8-2023 | 505

Experts insisted that the mummies were the real deal, but stopped short of claiming that they were extraterrestrial.

Archaeology & History

Egyptian mummies with gold 'tongues' unearthed

12-11-2021 | 0

Archaeologists have discovered a trio of mummies with what appear to be 'tongues' made of gold foil.

Archaeology & History

Mummies with gold tongues unearthed in Egypt

 VIDEO  2-3-2021 | 1

Archaeologists have unveiled the remarkable discovery of 2,000-year-old Egyptian mummies with gold tongues.

Archaeology & History

59 coffins unearthed in Egyptian necropolis

 VIDEO  10-4-2020 | 5

The haul of several dozen coffins - with mummies inside most of them - is thought to date back 2,600 years.

Archaeology & History

CT scans reveal mummies that aren't human

 VIDEO  7-20-2020 | 9

Two Egyptian sarcophagi dating back 3,000 years have been found to contain something rather unexpected.

Archaeology & History

Mummies of Egyptian high priests unearthed

2-1-2020 | 4

A huge burial ground filled with mummies and shabti figurines has been discovered at a site south of Cairo.

Archaeology & History

'Brother mummies' had different fathers

 VIDEO  1-20-2018 | 2

Scientists have finally solved the mystery of the relationship between two 4,000-year-old mummies.

Archaeology & History

Egyptian mummy DNA study results revealed

6-4-2017 | 21

Scientists have revealed the results of a recent study in to the DNA of 151 ancient Egyptian mummies.

Archaeology & History

8 million dog mummies unearthed in Egypt

6-21-2015 | 8

The ancient Egyptian jackal-headed god of death Anubis was worshipped by huge numbers of people.

Archaeology & History

Egyptian animal mummies turn out to be empty

5-12-2015 | 11

Up to a third of ancient Egyptian animal mummies have turned out to be nothing more than dummies.

Archaeology & History

Million-mummy cemetery discovered in Egypt

12-18-2014 | 14

Archaeologists have been excavating a gigantic burial site containing up to one million mummies.

Archaeology & History

50 mummies unearthed in Egyptian tomb

4-30-2014 | 8

The discovery was made by Swiss archaeologists during an excavation in Egypt's Valley of the Kings.

Archaeology & History

World's oldest cheese discovered in China

3-3-2014 | 20

Cheese dating back more than 3,600 years has been found on mummies unearthed in the Taklamakan desert.

Archaeology & History

Heart disease found in ancient mummies

3-12-2013 | 10

CT scans of ancient mummies have revealed that heart disease was widespread in the ancient world.

Archaeology & History

8 million dog mummies discovered in Saqqara

1-8-2013 | 57

Excavations at the Saqqara necropolis in Egypt have revealed an immense number of animal burials.

Archaeology & History

Mystery of the 'Franken-mummies’

9-24-2012 | 12

Two skeletons discovered on a remote Scottish island have been at the centre of a mystery for 10 years.

Archaeology & History

'Frankenstein' mummies found in Scotland

7-11-2012 | 23

Archaeologists have discovered two mummies made up from the body parts of several other people.

Archaeology & History

Mummies of 15th century dogs found

11-12-2010 | 3

Archaeologists have discovered six mummified dogs at a pre-Columbian site south of Lima.

Archaeology & History

Do mummies have a right to privacy?

9-14-2010 | 46

Ancient mummies are often exhumed and studied but shouldn't our ancestors have a right to rest in peace ?

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