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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Ancient Mysteries

Mummies with gold tongues unearthed in Egypt

 VIDEO  2-3-2021 | 1

Archaeologists have unveiled the remarkable discovery of 2,000-year-old Egyptian mummies with gold tongues.

Ancient Mysteries

59 coffins unearthed in Egyptian necropolis

 VIDEO  10-4-2020 | 5

The haul of several dozen coffins - with mummies inside most of them - is thought to date back 2,600 years.

Ancient Mysteries

CT scans reveal mummies that aren't human

 VIDEO  7-20-2020 | 9

Two Egyptian sarcophagi dating back 3,000 years have been found to contain something rather unexpected.

Ancient Mysteries

Jewellery-clad teenage mummy found in Egypt

5-3-2020 | 0

Archaeologists have unearthed the mummy of a 17th-dynasty teenager in the Egyptian city of Luxor.

Ancient Mysteries

Scientists recreate voice of Egyptian mummy

 VIDEO  1-27-2020 | 9

The voice of an ancient Egyptian man who died 3,000 years ago has been recreated for the first time.

Ancient Mysteries

Egypt hints at 'mummified lion' discovery

11-17-2019 | 7

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered the mummy of a very large animal, most likely a lion or lioness.

Ancient Mysteries

Egyptian cat mummy has 3 tails and 5 hind legs

11-6-2019 | 9

New CT scans of an ancient mummified cat dating back 2,500 years have revealed something rather unexpected.

Ancient Mysteries

'Brother mummies' had different fathers

 VIDEO  1-20-2018 | 2

Scientists have finally solved the mystery of the relationship between two 4,000-year-old mummies.

Ancient Mysteries

Mummy discovered in unexplored Luxor tomb

12-10-2017 | 21

Archaeologists have uncovered an unidentified mummy within a previously unexplored tomb near Luxor, Egypt.

Ancient Mysteries

Egyptian mummy DNA study results revealed

6-4-2017 | 21

Scientists have revealed the results of a recent study in to the DNA of 151 ancient Egyptian mummies.

Ancient Mysteries

Burial chamber of Egyptian princess found

5-14-2017 | 15

Archaeologists have made a fascinating discovery inside a 3,800-year-old pyramid in Dahshur, Egypt.

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient Egyptian mummy unearthed near Luxor

11-14-2016 | 13

Discovered in a tomb by Spanish archaeologists, the well-preserved mummy dates back over 3,000 years.

Ancient Mysteries

Mummy found inside bronze Buddha statue

2-23-2015 | 15

A bronze statue dating back up to 1,000 years has been found to contain the remains of a Buddhist monk.

Ancient Mysteries

Million-mummy cemetery discovered in Egypt

12-18-2014 | 14

Archaeologists have been excavating a gigantic burial site containing up to one million mummies.

Ancient Mysteries

Brain-removal tool left in mummy's skull

12-15-2012 | 15

Researchers have discovered a tool used by ancient Egyptian embalmers within the skull of a mummy.

Ancient Mysteries

Well preserved 700-year-old mummy found

3-8-2011 | 10

A well-preserved female mummy was discovered entirely by chance by Chinese road workers.


Dinosaur mummy yields its secrets

7-2-2009 | 4

Scientists have analysed the amazingly well-preserved fossil of a dinosaur, the creature's soft tissues managed to avoid...

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