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World of the Bizarre

Australia's oldest man credits very unusual diet

5-20-2021 | 5

Australia's oldest ever man has explained how a particularly unusual diet has contributed to his longevity.

Modern Mysteries

Indian marathon runner claims to be 119

 VIDEO  8-27-2019 | 34

If true, Dharam Pal Singh is not only the oldest ever marathon runner, but also the oldest man alive.

Modern Mysteries

'Oldest man' dies at an alleged age of 146

5-2-2017 | 12

According to reports, Indonesian national Sodimedjo was born in 1870, making him 146 when he died.

World of the Bizarre

World's oldest man is confirmed to be 112

3-11-2016 | 12

As of today, Auschwitz death camp survivor Yisrael Kristal is exactly 112 years and 178 days old.

Modern Mysteries

Man in Brazil is believed to be 126 years old

7-16-2014 | 20

Sao Paulo resident Jose Aguinelo dos Santos is thought to be the oldest living man ever documented.

World of the Bizarre

World's oldest man has died aged 111

 VIDEO  6-11-2014 | 28

Chemist and psychic researcher Alexander Imich passed away at a seniors' residence in Manhattan.

Modern Mysteries

Man claims to be 160 years old

9-12-2013 | 23

Dhaqabo Ebba from Ethiopia claims to be almost 40 years older than the previous record holder.

Nature & Environment

World's oldest manatee turns 65

7-22-2013 | 12

A manatee in Florida has highlighted the way in which captivity can unnaturally extend animal lifespans.

Modern Mysteries

World's oldest man dies aged 116

6-12-2013 | 16

Jiroemon Kimura was not just the oldest living human but also the oldest human being that ever lived.

Science & Technology

World's oldest man dies aged 114

4-16-2011 | 16

Walter Breuning was born in 1896 and lived through two world wars and more than a century of history.

World of the Bizarre

Tokyo's 'oldest man' found dead for 30 years

7-31-2010 | 18

Japan's oldest man at 111 years old was found to have been dead for 30 years and mummified in his own bed.

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