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Nature & Environment

Mystery as headless penguins wash up on beaches in Australia

4-29-2022 | 7

Scientists have been left scratching their heads by this perplexing and disturbing phenomenon.

Nature & Environment

Yellow penguin spotted in the South Atlantic

2-20-2021 | 5

An unusual penguin with some unique coloration has been photographed on a remote island near Antarctica.

Nature & Environment

Penguins can fire their own droppings over 4ft

7-8-2020 | 17

If there's one place you don't want to stand, it's within around 4ft of the back of a Humboldt penguin.


Giant extinct penguin was the size of a human

8-15-2019 | 4

Palaeontologists have identified the fossil remains of an enormous species of penguin that lived in New Zealand.

Nature & Environment

Ultra-rare penguin caught on film in Antarctica

 VIDEO  2-19-2019 | 5

This emperor penguin recorded for a BBC documentary is almost entirely black due to a rare genetic mutation.

Science & Technology

Scientists solve mummified penguins mystery

9-12-2018 | 7

Hundreds of mummified penguins dating back up to 750 years were found in Antarctica's Long Peninsula in 2016.

Nature & Environment

Mysterious decline hits king penguin colony

8-1-2018 | 0

It has been discovered that a colony of 500,000 breeding pairs has been reduced to just 60,000 within 35 years.

Nature & Environment

New penguin 'supercolony' found in Antarctica

 VIDEO  3-2-2018 | 14

Scientists have discovered a huge colony of over 1.5 million rare penguins on a remote Antarctic island.


Man-sized penguin fossil found in New Zealand

12-12-2017 | 4

The remains of an enormous prehistoric penguin have been found on a beach to the south of Christchurch.

World of the Bizarre

Chinese zoo under fire over inflatable animals

 VIDEO  12-5-2017 | 8

Visitors to China's Guishan Zoo found little more than some farm animals and a pen full of inflatable penguins.


Fossil of ancient giant penguin unearthed

2-27-2017 | 2

This newly described species of penguin is thought to have walked the Earth over 60 million years ago.


Giant 6ft penguins once roamed the Earth

8-3-2014 | 21

Scientists have uncovered the fossil remains of an enormous penguin that was the size of an adult human.

Nature & Environment

Why are penguins unable to fly ?

5-21-2013 | 45

A team of scientists has been attempting to determine why penguins are unable to take to the skies.

Nature & Environment

Large emperor penguin colony discovered

1-20-2013 | 5

One of Antarctica's largest penguin colonies has been discovered through the use of satellite imagery.


Giant penguin fossil found in New Zealand

2-29-2012 | 15

Fossils have been discovered of an ancient penguin which stood taller than the Emperor penguin.

World of the Bizarre

Penguin spotted in south of England

10-6-2011 | 13

Locals were left baffled this week when a penguin turned up on the southern coast of England.

Nature & Environment

Penguin huddle secrets revealed

6-7-2011 | 13

Scientist discover penguins' secret to staying warm in the biting cold of the Antarctic.

Nature & Environment

Tiny penguins turn blue

2-15-2011 | 13

Scientists have discovered a special protein in fairy penguins that turns their feathers blue.

World of the Bizarre

Penguin poo visible from space

6-3-2009 | 15

In an unusual method to locate penguin breeding colonies scientists have discovered several of their locations by review...

World of the Bizarre

New Zealand hosts penguin tournament

5-13-2009 | 9

New Zealand is to be the home of the world's first 'Penguathlon', penguin contestants will battle it out in events inclu...

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