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Science & Technology

Fear of snakes 'is of evolutionary origin'

10-21-2017 | 18

A new study in Germany has suggested that we are born with an innate fear of snakes and spiders.

Science & Technology

Why do some people have a fear of holes ?

7-13-2017 | 16

Scientists have come up with a new theory to explain what causes trypophobia - the fear of small holes.

Science & Technology

A fear of spiders may be part of our DNA

4-6-2015 | 36

Arachnophobia could be an evolutionary response based on the danger that spiders posed to our ancestors.

World of the Bizarre

Woman suffers from fear of all things yellow

4-4-2015 | 25

Lorraine Cobourn developed the curious phobia after being hit by a yellow taxi and breaking her hip.

World of the Bizarre

Woman is terrified of newspapers

1-28-2014 | 20

One woman from Kent suffers form an unusual phobia that makes her frightened of newspapers.

Science & Technology

Are phobias passed down through DNA ?

12-2-2013 | 19

Scientists believe that phobias may be passed down between generations through a person's DNA.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Scientists discover 'fear of holes'

9-9-2013 | 31

A previously unrecognized phobia of objects filled with holes could be a human survival instinct.

Nature & Environment

Mass spider congregation filmed in Brazil

 VIDEO  2-10-2013 | 39

Anyone suffering from arachnophobia may want to steer clear of Santo Antônio da Platina for a while.

World of the Bizarre

World's weirdest phobias revealed

7-2-2011 | 31

Everyone's heard of a fear of heights or spiders, but what are some of the lesser known phobias ?

World of the Bizarre

Bananaphobia: woman terrified for 20 years

7-1-2011 | 11

23 year-old Paula Ross has been absolutely terrified of the yellow fruit for her whole life.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Millions paralyzed by Friday 13th phobia

5-13-2011 | 37

To most it's any ordinary day but to some Friday 13th is a time when fear and anxiety go in to overdrive.

World of the Bizarre

Woman diagnosed with bananaphobia

8-25-2010 | 19

A 21-year-old children's worker is so scared of bananas that she has been diagnosed as suffering from bananaphobia.

Science & Technology

Injection could cure phobias

3-24-2010 | 22

Scientists have claimed that it may be possible to cure a phobia with nothing more than a simple injection.

World of the Bizarre

Woman diagnosed with fear of vegetables

11-10-2009 | 17

A 22-year-old student from Portsmouth suffers from a rare phobia which renders her terrified of vegetables. The conditio...

Metaphysics & Psychology

What really scares people

10-25-2009 | 26

Most of us have an extreme fear or phobia of something, whether it be the sight of a certain eight-legged arachnid or th...

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