Saturday, April 13, 2024
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The UFO Phenomenon

Pilot who saw a UFO sent eerie final message before disappearing

3-29-2024 | 34

Over 45 years ago, pilot Frederick Valentich vanished without a trace after encountering a UFO off the coast of Australia.

The UFO Phenomenon

Scientists claim to have solved WW2 'foo fighter' UFOs mystery

 VIDEO  2-4-2024 | 30

During Word War II, pilots on both sides reported witnessing strange phenomena in the skies over Europe and beyond.

The UFO Phenomenon

Audio: pilots discuss sightings of triangular UFO formation over Canada

 VIDEO  2-3-2024 | 83

Back in January, multiple pilots witnessed mysterious lights in a triangular formation over the Canadian Prairies.

The UFO Phenomenon

Proposed UAP bill would allow civilian pilots to report UFO sightings

1-12-2024 | 0

The bipartisan legislation would expand existing military UFO reporting mechanisms to include civilian pilots and air crews.

Archaeology & History

Mystery of missing WWII fighter pilot finally solved over 80 years on

11-30-2023 | 0

Lt Warren Singer's plane had disappeared without a trace during an attack on Italian airfields in 1943.

The UFO Phenomenon

Ryan Graves shares airline pilot's UFO testimony on Twitter

8-19-2023 | 23

The former Navy pilot and UFO witness has started to publish the testimonies of other pilots who have had UFO encounters.

The UFO Phenomenon

Ryan Graves: subcommittee revelations are 'tip of the iceberg'

8-8-2023 | 164

The former Navy pilot had spoken out about his own experiences during the recent subcommittee hearing on UFOs.

Nature & Environment

Horror as cobra slithers under pilot's shirt in middle of flight

4-9-2023 | 2

If there's one thing you don't want while you are piloting a plane, it's a venomous snake making itself comfy inside your clothes.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pilot reports 'dancing lights' during airport approach in new audio

 VIDEO  2-21-2023 | 6

An audio recording of a pilot discussing the unexplained sighting with air traffic control has been released online.

The UFO Phenomenon

The tragic Mantell UFO incident still intrigues 75 years on

1-10-2023 | 29

Saturday marked the 75th anniversary of the death of pilot Thomas Mantell who crashed while pursuing a UFO.

Modern Mysteries

MH370 pilot deliberately crashed the plane, new evidence suggests

12-13-2022 | 9

A recently discovered piece of wreckage from the doomed airliner has shed new light on the mystery.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mystery of pilot who vanished after spotting a UFO endures 44 years on

10-22-2022 | 19

Back in 1978, Frederick Valentich disappeared without a trace after encountering a UFO on a flight to King Island, Tasmania.

The UFO Phenomenon

Kenneth Arnold 'flying saucer' sighting turns 75

 VIDEO  6-28-2022 | 50

75 years ago, pilot Kenneth Arnold sighted several strange objects in the sky near Washington's Mount Rainier.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery 'jetpack man' is sighted yet again at LAX

6-27-2022 | 10

An airline pilot reportedly sighted a mysterious individual flying a jetpack near LAX on Thursday afternoon.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pilots and troops saw '11,500mph craft' over Brazil

6-24-2022 | 18

A UFO incident that occurred over Brazil in 1986 is set to be presented at a UFO hearing at the Brazilian Senate.

The UFO Phenomenon

US Army helicopter footage of 3 UAPs has been released

 VIDEO  5-30-2022 | 17

Genuine footage recorded by the pilots of a US Army helicopter shows three unidentified, fast-moving objects.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pilot left baffled by mystery object over Atlantic City

 VIDEO  1-26-2022 | 7

The mysterious object, which mirrored the pilot's movements, was captured on camera.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pilot films mystery lights over South China Sea

 VIDEO  12-7-2021 | 16

A pilot flying over the Pacific has captured footage of several sets of lights moving in formation through the clouds.

The UFO Phenomenon

Whistleblower: 'pilots who pursued UFOs got radiation burns'

11-11-2021 | 23

A former intelligence officer has described the physical symptoms experienced by US Navy pilots.

The UFO Phenomenon

NASA Administrator discusses Navy pilot UFO sightings

10-29-2021 | 2

During a recent interview, Bill Nelson briefly touched upon the question of whether we are being visited by aliens.

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