Friday, August 19, 2022
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Woman appears on TV with her 'alien boyfriend'

 VIDEO  5-22-2022 | 26

Emanuela Rose believes that she is in a relationship with an alien and she hopes he will propose to her.

Space & Astronomy

Penrose: 'there was a universe before this one'

10-9-2020 | 27

Sir Roger Penrose maintains that evidence of our universe's predecessor can still be seen in black holes.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Paranormal author Rosemary Ellen Guiley dies

 VIDEO  7-23-2019 | 1

The 69-year-old, who wrote dozens of books on a wide variety of paranormal topics, has sadly passed away.

Science & Technology

Mystery mud appears on newly-formed island

 VIDEO  2-5-2019 | 3

A Pacific island that rose from the sea around three years ago has already been colonized by plants and birds.


Land plants arrived much earlier than thought

2-20-2018 | 0

It is believed that plants first arose on land 100 million years earlier than previous studies had suggested.


Road in Siberia ends up coated in green snow

12-1-2016 | 12

The bizarre spectacle occurred after a pipe burst and water from a drainage well rose to the surface.

Space & Astronomy

Rosetta is destroyed in comet crash-landing

 VIDEO  9-30-2016 | 14

ESA's Rosetta spacecraft has gone out in a blaze of glory by deliberately colliding with comet 67P.

The UFO Phenomenon

Montrose woman spots saucer-shaped UFO

9-18-2016 | 38

Two witnesses described seeing a large circular craft flying above a Scottish beach on Friday morning.

Space & Astronomy

Philae probe mystery solved after two years

9-6-2016 | 2

The Rosetta spacecraft has finally managed to locate its companion probe on the surface of comet 67P.

Space & Astronomy

Philae mission officially comes to a close

7-27-2016 | 6

After a year without communication, scientists have finally said goodbye to Philae for the last time.

Space & Astronomy

Building blocks of life found on comet 67P

5-29-2016 | 10

ESA's Rosetta spacecraft has made a significant new discovery within the atmosphere of its new home.

Space & Astronomy

All attempts to contact Philae have failed

1-12-2016 | 13

ESA's Philae lander has gone silent and it's unlikely that it will ever be possible to contact it again.

Science & Technology

Scientists create electronic 'cyborg' roses

11-21-2015 | 10

The flowers, which are still very much alive, have tiny electronic circuits threaded through them.

Space & Astronomy

Rosetta discovers molecular oxygen on comet

10-29-2015 | 7

The gas was unexpectedly discovered around comet 67P and has been hailed as a significant find.

Space & Astronomy

Rosetta records comet fireworks display

8-12-2015 | 8

The Rosetta spacecraft has captured the moment a dramatic jet of dust and gas erupted from comet 67P.


Philae comet could be home to alien life

7-6-2015 | 13

Astrobiologists have suggested that comet 67P may be home to live extraterrestrial micro-organisms.

Space & Astronomy

Rosetta finds exposed water ice on comet

6-28-2015 | 4

The Rosetta spacecraft has found what appears to be patches of ice on the surface of comet 67P.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Famed musician 'channeled dead composers'

6-23-2015 | 16

Rosemary Brown was renowned for creating music with the help of deceased famous composers.

Space & Astronomy

Comet lander Philae wakes up after 7 months

6-14-2015 | 26

The Rosetta probe's companion lander Philae has finally awoken after losing power in November.

Space & Astronomy

Philae probe may wake up in the spring

2-2-2015 | 5

Scientists are hoping that Rosetta's companion lander will come back to life within a few months.

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