Saturday, December 2, 2023
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The UFO Phenomenon

Strange metallic UFO filmed from passenger airliner over Colombia

 VIDEO  10-25-2023 | 19

The footage, which recently emerged on YouTube after being posted on a forum, appears to defy explanation.

Space & Astronomy

Over 30 years ago, Carl Sagan successfully detected life on Earth

10-21-2023 | 2

Sagan and his colleagues used instruments aboard the Galileo spacecraft to conduct a very important control experiment.

Modern Mysteries

Hundreds of bottles of rum found concealed in walls of house

9-8-2023 | 12

Cathy and Roy Aukamp got quite a surprise when they began renovating the walls of their basement.

Science & Technology

US Air Force unveils its new nuclear stealth bomber - the B-21

 VIDEO  12-5-2022 | 58

Developed by Northrop Grumman, the new raider is capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear payloads.


'Brazil's Roswell' - rumors emerge of alien creature footage

 VIDEO  10-29-2022 | 11

Footage allegedly captured during a UFO incident in Brazil in 1996 is rumored to be in line for release in the near future.

Archaeology & History

Discovery of 6,000-year-old skull confirms legend of lost tribe in Taiwan

10-12-2022 | 27

The find seems to prove the existence of a long-rumored ancient indigenous tribe that lived thousands of years ago.

Science & Technology

Guinness World Records confirms world's tallest woman

 VIDEO  10-20-2021 | 1

Standing at 7ft, 0.7 inches tall, 24-year-old Rumeysa Gelgi is now officially the tallest woman on Earth.

The UFO Phenomenon

Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl: 'I'm a total UFO nerd'

 VIDEO  10-4-2021 | 9

The Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer is known to have a keen interest in UFOs.

World of the Bizarre

Woman is planning to marry a chandelier

 VIDEO  4-18-2021 | 13

Amanda Liberty, who previously had a relationship with a drum kit, now intends to marry a chandelier.

Space & Astronomy

Eerie rumbles are coming from Mars' interior

4-2-2021 | 7

NASA's Insight lander has recently picked up the telltale signs of seismic activity on the Red Planet.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Two 'ape creature' photos surface in Brazil

3-6-2021 | 23

The photographs show alleged ape-like creatures rumored to be skulking around Brazil's Itaparica Island.

Nature & Environment

Manatee found with 'Trump' etched on its back

 VIDEO  1-12-2021 | 10

Wildlife officials are investigating after the animal was found with the outgoing president's name written on it.

The UFO Phenomenon

Trump may inadvertently veto UFO task force

11-24-2020 | 35

The US President is threatening to veto a defense bill that includes funding for the Pentagon's UFO task force.

The UFO Phenomenon

Will Trump now declassify America's 'X-Files' ?

11-8-2020 | 22

With Trump's presidency nearing an end, could now be the ideal time for him to disclose America's UFO files ?

The UFO Phenomenon

Fox News host quizzes Trump about UFOs

 VIDEO  10-13-2020 | 13

The US President was asked point blank about the topic of UFOs during a Fox News interview on Sunday.


Bronze Age Brits turned bones into instruments

9-1-2020 | 6

During the Bronze Age, our ancestors would sometimes turn the bones of their relatives into musical instruments.

Space & Astronomy

Asteroid to hit Earth on day before US election ?

8-24-2020 | 21

Rumors have been circulating about an asteroid strike on November 2nd, but just how worried should we be ?

The UFO Phenomenon

Donald Trump hints at UFO 'total transparency'

8-5-2020 | 53

The US President was quizzed again about the subject of UFOs during a recent interview on Fox Business.

The UFO Phenomenon

Trump hints at Roswell UFO crash knowledge

 VIDEO  6-20-2020 | 44

During an interview with his own son, Trump hinted that he knew something about the infamous UFO incident.

Nature & Environment

Alligator that survived WWII dies aged 84

5-24-2020 | 4

An aged alligator that was once rumored to belong to Adolf Hitler has passed away at a zoo in Moscow.

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