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World of the Bizarre

Man is fined for pretending to be a ghost

8-8-2014 | 17

A man in Southsea, Hampshire was ordered to pay £35 for running around a cemetery shouting 'Woooooo!'

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Ghost' runs through crowd at football game

 VIDEO  4-24-2014 | 60

A video showing a strange shadow running through crowds of spectators at a stadium has gone viral.

Science & Technology

How do you survive a nuclear detonation ?

1-21-2014 | 36

New research has suggested that running may be more effective than sheltering where you are.

World of the Bizarre

Flying grim reaper chases people in park

 VIDEO  10-25-2013 | 32

Prankster Tom Mabe sent joggers running for their lives with his latest Halloween-themed contraption.

Space & Astronomy

Space probe plutonium reserves running out

9-23-2013 | 5

The fuel needed to send space probes on missions to other planets could run out within ten years.

The UFO Phenomenon

Two UFOs photographed over Bracknell

6-17-2013 | 43

Steve Lambert snapped a picture of the objects from the terrace of the Running Horse pub on June 14th.

Nature & Environment

Man stung to death by 40,000 killer bees

6-4-2013 | 26

In a tragic accident a man from Texas was killed after running in to a beehive with his tractor.

Space & Astronomy

Mars rover finds rich clay deposits

12-24-2012 | 10

Long-running rover Opportunity has come across an area of water-formed clay minerals on Mars.

Nature & Environment

Cheetah breaks running speed record

 VIDEO  8-3-2012 | 17

A cheetah at Cincinnati Zoo was timed running 100m in 5.95 seconds at an astonishing speed of 61mph.

World of the Bizarre

Police chase pensioner at 10mph for 27 miles

10-7-2011 | 34

Police eventually got the 76-year-old to stop by running alongside her car and tapping on the window.

Science & Technology

Wind farms: is Britain 'running out of wind'?

6-4-2011 | 11

A decline in the average wind speed over the last few years may mean the end for wind turbines.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Unicorn video exposed as a hoax

11-1-2010 | 94

A video showing what appears to be a unicorn running through the woods has been confirmed to be a hoax.

Science & Technology

Is the world's oxygen running out ?

7-22-2010 | 31

Salesman have used declining oxygen levels as an excuse to sell oxygen supplements - but how much truth is there to it ?

Archaeology & History

Ancient Mayans mastered water pressure

12-26-2009 | 7

The ancient Mayans may have been a lot more advanced in the area of running water than previously thought, scientists be...

World of the Bizarre

Real-life Harry Potter laments name

10-24-2009 | 33

A 20-year-old Briton who shares the name of the fictional boy wizard Harry Potter and who even has a scar on his forehea...

Space & Astronomy

Race is on for space-junk alarm system

7-30-2009 | 4

The US government is running a competition aimed at finding the best way to deal with the threat posed by junk and debri...

Space & Astronomy

Herschel telescope snaps its first pictures

7-12-2009 |

Herschel, the world's largest and most powerful infrared telescope is up and running after its launch on May 14th and ha...

Space & Astronomy

NASA running out of nuclear fuel

5-14-2009 | 2

NASA is running low on the nuclear fuel required for deep space missions and no longer has enough plutonium for future f...

Space & Astronomy

Astronauts to make final house call to Hubble

5-9-2009 | 0

On Monday the Hubble Space Telescope will be receiving its final maintenance as astronauts undertake a series of five sp...

Space & Astronomy

Gullies on Mars suggest recent running water

3-4-2009 | 1

New evidence has been found suggesting that water could have flowed on Mars as recently as 1.25 million years ago. Plane...

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