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NASA makes major announcement about Mars sample-return mission

4-16-2024 | 19

Major change is afoot regarding NASA's plans to return samples of Martian soil and rock to the Earth.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists succeed in growing plants in soil from the Moon

5-23-2022 | 7

The Moon may seem to be a desolate, dead place - but that doesn't mean that things can't grow in its soil under the right conditions.

Space & Astronomy

NASA is about to open a tube of lunar soil from 1972 for the first time

3-12-2022 | 3

The tube, which was collected by the crew of the Apollo 17 mission, has remained untouched for 50 years.

Space & Astronomy

Dust and soil from asteroid Ryugu revealed

12-15-2020 | 5

Scientists in Japan have unveiled the contents of the Ryugu sample capsule which recently returned to Earth.

World of the Bizarre

Dead mink are rising from the grave in Denmark

11-27-2020 | 12

Mink that have been culled and buried due to the coronavirus have started emerging from beneath the soil.

Nature & Environment

First 'murder hornet' nest found in the US

 VIDEO  10-24-2020 | 44

A nest of enormous invasive wasp-like insects has reportedly been discovered for the first time on US soil.

Space & Astronomy

NASA will pay you up to $25,000 for lunar soil

9-12-2020 | 8

The space agency has tasked private firms with the job of collecting and returning samples of soil from the Moon.

The UFO Phenomenon

Revisited: the Loring AFB UFO incursions

8-29-2020 | 3

Back in 1975, a sensitive military base on US soil was visited by a number of objects on consecutive nights.

Space & Astronomy

Live: SpaceX Crew Dragon launch 2nd attempt

 VIDEO  5-30-2020 | 72

Join the livestream as Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken launch from US soil aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon.

Space & Astronomy

ISS launch will be first from US soil in 10 years

4-19-2020 | 11

For the first time in almost a decade, astronauts are preparing to launch into space from American soil.

Space & Astronomy

Mars sample return mission is in the works

9-17-2019 | 19

NASA and ESA are hoping to secure formal approval to return samples of Mars soil to the Earth for study.

Space & Astronomy

NASA unveils new SpaceX and Boeing crews

 VIDEO  8-3-2018 | 1

The nine astronauts will be embarking on the first manned launches from American soil since 2011.

Space & Astronomy

NASA and ESA to work on Mars sample return

4-27-2018 | 8

The space agencies are working on a series of missions designed to return samples of Martian soil back to Earth.

Science & Technology

Earthworms can reproduce in Martian soil

11-28-2017 | 28

The results of a recent experiment suggest that the soil on Mars is likely to be suitable for agriculture.

Space & Astronomy

Mars may be a lot more toxic than we thought

7-7-2017 | 8

New research has shown that the Martian soil is quite an inhospitable environment for microbial life.

Space & Astronomy

Vegetables grown on Mars should be edible

6-24-2016 | 4

Dutch scientists have replicated the soil on Mars to demonstrate that vegetables can be grown there.

Space & Astronomy

Does life exist beneath the Martian soil ?

6-17-2015 | 12

Scientists have identified traces of methane inside space rocks that are thought to have come from Mars.

Space & Astronomy

Large amounts of water found in Mars soil

9-29-2013 | 27

The Mars Curiosity rover has found a significant amount of water locked up inside soil samples.

Space & Astronomy

Lunar mining now one step closer

2-25-2013 | 7

Researchers in Australia have developed a substance that closely resembles the soil found on the Moon.

Space & Astronomy

Curiosity picks up first scoopful of Mars

 VIDEO  10-9-2012 | 25

NASA's Curiosity rover has used its robotic arm to pick up a scoop of soil from the Martian surface.

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