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Revisited: the Loring AFB UFO incursions

By T.K. Randall
August 29, 2020 · Comment icon 3 comments

An aerial view of Loring Air Force Base. Image Credit: US Air Force
Back in 1975, a sensitive military base on US soil was visited by a number of objects on consecutive nights.
On October 27th of that year, security personnel at the base - which is situated in northeastern Maine - picked up an 'unidentified helicopter' towards the facility's northern perimeter.

At the time, which was at the height of the Cold War, the base was storing nuclear weapons, bombers and delivery systems, meaning that any potential incursion was taken extremely seriously.

The mysterious aircraft, which was flying at an altitude of around 150ft, appeared to be investigating the nuclear weapons storage area, prompting officials to send Army National Guard helicopters to intercept and to place the entire base on high alert.

A short time later, another unidentified aircraft appeared on radar and started circling around 13 miles northeast of the facility. Neither aircraft would respond to communication attempts.

The 'helicopter' eventually turned and disappeared towards the north, while the second aircraft mysteriously vanished from radar, leaving base officials scratching their heads.
"It is our opinion that the unknown helicopter has demonstrated a clear intent in the weapons storage area, is smart and a most capable aviator," officials wrote.

Then the very next day - October 28th - yet another unknown aircraft appeared near the base. When helicopters were scrambled to intercept, the pilots were unable to make visual contact.

Similar such incidents would continue to occur for several days.

According to a New York Times article from the time, the Joint Chiefs of Staff had received multiple briefings regarding the unexplained incursions.

"Subsequent investigations by the Air Force into the sightings at Loring Air Force Base, Maine, where the remarkable series of events began, did not reveal a cause for the sightings," the authors wrote.

Even today - almost 45 years later - no explanation for these events has been found.

Source: The Drive | Comments (3)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by DieChecker 3 years ago
Maybe helicopters? I wonder if the Soviets had a helicopter launching submarine prototype? There apparently was some German attempts at this in the 1940s.
Comment icon #2 Posted by CigaretteSmokingMan 3 years ago
Clearly swamp gas
Comment icon #3 Posted by Nobu 3 years ago
To be fair; I did not watch the video. But... Is there any testimony of direct human visual observation of the craft? If not , could this be an early form of radar spoofing by a Cold War enemy?

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