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Space & Astronomy

Tardigrades may be stranded on the Moon

8-7-2019 | 7

Thousands of the Earth's most indestructible creatures may have been deposited on the lunar surface.


Stranded dog is rescued 135 miles out to sea

 VIDEO  4-16-2019 | 6

The exhausted canine was pulled from the sea by oil rig workers who had spotted him off the coast of Thailand.


Man trapped in snow survives on hot sauce

3-6-2019 | 8

Jeremy Taylor and his dog resorted to eating sachets of Fire Sauce after getting stranded in snow for five days.

Modern Mysteries

Amelia Earhart's distress calls revealed

7-27-2018 | 10

The famed aviator is thought to have sent several dozen distress calls while stranded on a remote Pacific island.

Space & Astronomy

Firm develops spacesuit 'take me home' button

12-5-2017 | 4

The new system offers a much-needed safety feature to help stranded astronauts get back to the ISS.

Natural World

650 whales end up stranded in New Zealand

2-11-2017 | 32

Volunteers have been struggling to refloat hundreds of whales after two consecutive mass strandings.


Stranded seal found 20 miles from the ocean

 VIDEO  12-23-2014 | 22

Residents of rural merseyside were perplexed when the young seaborne mammal turned up in a field.

Space & Astronomy

What if Apollo 11 had been stranded ?

7-24-2012 | 64

What would have happened if the Apollo 11 crew had been unable to take off again from the lunar surface ?

Space & Astronomy

Europe ends calls to stranded Mars probe

12-4-2011 | 5

The odds of a recovery for Russia's Phobos-Grunt Mars probe are looking increasingly bleak.

Modern Mysteries

Amelia Earhart mystery solved ?

8-2-2009 | 18

Researchers believe they are on the verge of solving one of aviation's greatest mysteries - the disappearance of Amelia ...

Modern Mysteries

Pair rescued in Bermuda Triangle

2-25-2009 | 7

The Bermuda Triangle is a region that is infamous for the mysterious disappearances of boats and planes with people neve...

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