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Natural World

Ancient termite structure is visible from space

 VIDEO  11-21-2018 | 2

For thousands of years, termites have been constructing a vast network of mounds in northeastern Brazil.

Modern Mysteries

Are termites responsible for 'fairy circles'?

9-9-2016 | 9

These mysterious circular, grass-ringed patches are still leaving scientists scratching their heads.

Natural World

'Super' termite species could spell disaster

3-31-2015 | 14

Two of the world's most invasive species of termite may be mating to produce a new type of 'super' pest.

Natural World

Termite mounds help combat climate change

2-8-2015 | 2

Far from being unwanted pests, termites are actually turning out to be good for the environment.

Modern Mysteries

'Fairy circles' termite explanation debunked

5-24-2014 | 30

The mysterious circles of the Namibian grasslands don't appear to have been caused by termites after all.

Natural World

Swarms of termites descend on southeast

5-24-2013 | 13

Thousands of the insects have turned some areas in to something reminiscent of a B horror movie.

Modern Mysteries

'Fairy circles' mystery solved

3-30-2013 | 17

Mysterious grassless rings appearing in the South African desert are believed to be made by termites.

Natural World

Termites explode to defend colonies

7-28-2012 | 16

Termites in the rainforests of French Guiana literally blow themselves up to help defend their peers.

Natural World

Monkeys invent new "fishing technique"

3-11-2011 | 18

Capuchin monkeys have come up with their own tool-conserving method to fish for termites.

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