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Science & Technology

Scientists grow entire organ in world first

8-25-2014 | 5

A complete and fully functional thymus has been grown from cells in a groundbreaking new experiment.

Science & Technology

Is a human head transplant possible ?

7-2-2013 | 38

A prominent neurosurgeon believes that transplanting a human head is now actually a viable procedure.

Science & Technology

Human organs to be grown inside animals

6-22-2013 | 26

Researchers in Japan are waiting for approval to begin growing organs in pigs for human transplant.

Science & Technology

Lab-grown kidneys transplanted in to rats

 VIDEO  4-15-2013 | 8

Scientists have succeeded in transplanting a working rat kidney that was grown in a laboratory.

Science & Technology

World's first quadruple limb transplant

2-27-2012 | 2

Surgeons in Turkey took 20 hours to surgically attach two legs and two arms to a young patient.

Science & Technology

Doctors 'print' a new jaw for transplant

2-7-2012 | 5

In an operation that's the first of its kind, doctors have created a new jaw using a 3D printer.

Science & Technology

Animal transplants coming 'soon'

10-24-2011 | 23

Scientists may soon be able to cut down waiting times by using animal organs in human transplants.


Man has severed thumb replaced with toe

9-14-2011 | 12

A man who lost his thumb in an accident has had his toe transplanted on to his hand in place of it.

Science & Technology

World's first double-leg transplant

7-14-2011 | 3

Surgeons in Spain have performed the world's first ever double-leg transplant in the city of Valencia.

Science & Technology

Pigs could grow human organs

6-20-2011 | 28

In a new stem cell breakthrough, pigs could be used to grow human organs for use in transplants.

Science & Technology

World's first womb transplant planned

6-15-2011 | 7

Mother and daughter pair hope to be the first participants of a truly successful womb transplant.

Science & Technology

Man with HIV cured by stem cell transplant

12-16-2010 | 11

In a remarkable breakthrough an HIV-positive man appears to have been cured by a stem cell transplant.

Science & Technology

Doctors to be able to 'print' new organs

6-4-2010 | 8

Within a decade doctors may be able to "print" new organs for transplant patients using a special 3D bioprinter.

Science & Technology

World's first full face transplant performed

4-23-2010 |

A team of 30 doctors and surgeons have performed the world's first full face transplant on a young man in Spain.

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