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World of the Bizarre

Strange green 'slime' emerges from manhole covers in New York City

11-6-2023 | 11

The bizarre scene looked like something out of an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Is the Loch Ness Monster an ancient sea turtle ?

1-19-2021 | 43

One researcher has come up with a new theory to explain sightings of the legendary Scottish loch monster.

Nature & Environment

Gigantic snapping turtles caught in Florida

8-30-2020 | 10

Wildlife researchers discovered three huge turtles - which belong to a new species - near Gainesville.

Nature & Environment

Komodo dragon filmed with a turtle on its head

 VIDEO  11-25-2019 | 2

A large lizard was recently caught on camera emerging from the water with a rather unusual piece of headwear.

Nature & Environment

Two-headed sea turtle found in South Carolina

8-30-2019 | 6

A sea turtle monitoring group discovered the unusual hatchling on a beach on Hilton Head Island on Tuesday.

Nature & Environment

Last known female Yangtze giant turtle dies

4-15-2019 | 5

One of the last four remaining members of a critically endangered species of turtle has sadly passed away.

Nature & Environment

Injured turtle has a wheelchair made of Lego

 VIDEO  10-1-2018 | 5

The popular toy bricks were the ideal choice for building a custom wheelchair for a rather unusual patient.


Giant prehistoric turtle had no shell at all

8-24-2018 | 6

Scientists have discovered the fossil remains of an ancient turtle with a toothless beak and no shell.

Modern Mysteries

1950s 'mammoth meat' was actually sea turtle

2-5-2016 | 34

Scientists have debunked the claim that mammoth meat was served at an Explorers Club dinner in New York.

World of the Bizarre

10,000 turtles found in airport luggage

7-24-2013 | 17

Authorities have recovered a large number of turtles being smuggled in luggage at an Indian airport.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Turtle experiment reveals dark discovery

12-29-2012 | 96

A student investigating ways to help turtles cross the road has revealed the dark side of human nature.

World of the Bizarre

Bird mystery: 8000 doves fall dead in Italy

1-8-2011 | 718

The mystery continues as large numbers of turtle doves fall dead from the skies over Italy.


Villagers worship rare turtle as God

11-10-2009 | 8

Hundreds of Hindu villagers in eastern India have been ordered to hand over a rare turtle to officials but have refused ...

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