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Nature & Environment

'Unicorn' shows up on game camera in Petrified Forest National Park

11-28-2023 | 1

Wildlife officials in Arizona recently posted up still images of an animal with a single horn on its head.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Unicorns in Africa - the mystery of one-horned animals in rock art

6-27-2023 | 5

Postdoctoral researcher David M. Witelson takes a look at the significance of one-horned animals in southern African rock art.

World of the Bizarre

California authorities grant young girl a license to own a unicorn

1-7-2023 | 6

The girl had written to her local animal control authority for ask for permission to keep a unicorn in her back yard.

World of the Bizarre

'Unicorn puppy' has a tail on its forehead

 VIDEO  11-15-2019 | 5

Meet Narwhal, an adorable rescue dog from Missouri who happens to have a very unusual appendage.


Prehistoric 'unicorn' lived alongside humans

3-24-2016 | 17

A large horned beast known as the 'Siberian unicorn' could be the origin of the modern unicorn legend.

World of the Bizarre

'Unicorn' goes on the run from the police

 VIDEO  3-2-2016 | 2

A pony dressed up as a unicorn managed to escape from a children's photoshoot in California last week.

Nature & Environment

'Unicorn' roe deer discovered in Slovenia

11-17-2014 | 17

The animal was found to have a rare deformity that resulted in a single unicorn-like antler.

Nature & Environment

Rare 'Asian unicorn' spotted in Vietnam

11-16-2013 | 11

An incredibly rare species of ox that hasn't been seen for 14 years has turned up on a WWF camera trap.

World of the Bizarre

'Unicorn lair' claim surfaces in North Korea

12-2-2012 | 56

The country has attracted attention again this week with a rather strange claim from archaeologists.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Was the Uffington Horse really a unicorn?

12-23-2011 | 59

Campaigners have proposed adding a 75ft horn to the famous 3000-year-old chalk horse in Uffington.

World of the Bizarre

Unicorn cow attracts tourists in China

12-9-2010 | 15

A cow with a giant horn growing from its forehead has attracted a great deal of attention in China.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Unicorn video exposed as a hoax

11-1-2010 | 94

A video showing what appears to be a unicorn running through the woods has been confirmed to be a hoax.

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